The Electromaker ‘Connectivity’ Launch Contest

Back in January we teamed up with Mouser Electronics to bring you our very first contest. Our mission is to bring like-minded people together, connecting makers from all around the globe - so what better topic to kick off our contest than...CONNECTIVITY! We saw some great projects entered and were really impressed with some of the ideas that were submitted. We wanted to give people of all abilities the chance to win something, which is why we offered cash prizes ranging from $250 to $1000.

So finally…without further a-do, its time to announce the winning projects!

First prize simply had to go to Alistair and his Internet Speed-o-meter! The project is a physical display made from cardboard to show how much of your internet connection is being used. We have all been in a situation where a website lags, which can often occur for a variety of reasons. Using Alistair’s Speed-o-meter you can now rule out whether or not it is bandwidth related. The minimal design of the physical display combined with the well-written, easy to follow ESP8266 code made this a clear winner. Head over to the project page and congratulate Alistair’s efforts using the comments section.

Prize winners announced below!

Contest brief

We live in a connected world, with most people using WiFi or Bluetooth in their lives every day. If you have got an interesting idea that encompasses electronic hardware design and includes wireless connectivity then why not turn your idea into a reality, and enter your project into our contest.

We have got a huge $5000 prize pot up for grabs for 13 lucky winners, along with 50 Electromaker gift packs which will be awarded to the entries we feel deserve a reward.

Maybe your project could connect to your phone; perhaps it could talk to your laptop or even your doorbell. Whatever it does, as long as it uses some sort of wireless technology we want to see it.


Project submissions open: 3rd January 2018

Deadline for submissions: 1st May 2018

Winners announced: 1st June 2018