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England, United Kingdom


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16 Projects

Holo Cube

A holographic cube that can display an object and be able to rotate it using hand gestures.

Original Xbox Rgb Ring mod | Arduino

Adding RGB to an original Xbox with Arduino!

Franken Pc

Combining a laptop from the grave with a newer desktop graphics card, a true hardware Halloween.

Nerf Gun Ammo Counter / Range finder

Why? Because ammo counters are cool and range finders are also pretty cool and Nerf is cool – mix them together and it's ice cold.

Windows Wrist Watch 2.0

A wrist watch that can (kind of) run 3 versions of Windows using the new HyperPixel 4.0 and a Pi 3B+ with voice control!

Arduino Soliton Radar | Metal Gear solid

Rudimentary version of the Soliton Radar from Metal Gear Solid that can detect walls and movement around the user.

Arduino Lightsaber

A colour changing lightsaber based on Arduino technology.


A device that can measure environmental conditions and relay to the user; in glasses form.

Windows 98 Wrist watch

Everyone's favourite Operating System. On your wrist!

Artificial Life Project

Using a Raspberry Pi with a Unicorn HAT in an attempt to make an artificial life experiment.

Lego Raspberry Pirate Skull Hexapod

My first attempt at a robot with a Lego Pirate theme.

Fingerprint ID Nerf Gun

Inspired by the Biometric ID gun from Skyfall, this will check that I am the one using the Nerf Gun by using fingerprint technology.

Gravity Gun

Make a real-life Gravity Gun that uses acoustic levitation to hold objects in mid-air.

Pi-ron Man

Toy Iron Man mask with some hardware in it to project information to the wearer, like the holographic interface Mr. Stark himself uses.

The Pibadge

Device inspired by the Combadge from Star Trek that can turn on computers using speech commands.

The Raspbinator

A Terminator-inspired, Raspberry Pi-driven facial recognition talking robot head.