Technology loving nerd with a passion for trying to bring SciFi to life.


England, United Kingdom


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22 Projects

Terminator Glasses

Adding a moving red eye to the iconic Terminator Glasses.

Tinned Heisenberg Principle

Trying to simulate the Heisenberg Principle in a mint tin.

Nerf Scope Module | Arduino project

When a Nerf gun doesn't have a scope, add a movable one with an Arduino and a servo!

The Scorpion | Star Trek Inspired robotics

An Elegoo Robot Car Kit V3 with some additional Raspberry Pi tech and TensorFlow image recognition.

Arduino Fortnite Boogie device

My attempt at bringing a bit of Fortnite to life!

Pocket Pi

Attempt to make a Pocket Pi made with parts I had laying around.

Holo Cube

A holographic cube that can display an object and be able to rotate it using hand gestures.

Original Xbox Rgb Ring mod | Arduino

Adding RGB to an original Xbox with Arduino!

Franken Pc

Combining a laptop from the grave with a newer desktop graphics card, a true hardware Halloween.

Nerf Gun Ammo Counter / Range finder

Why? Because ammo counters are cool and range finders are also pretty cool and Nerf is cool – mix them together and it's ice cold.

Windows Wrist Watch 2.0

A wrist watch that can (kind of) run 3 versions of Windows using the new HyperPixel 4.0 and a Pi 3B+ with voice control!

Arduino Soliton Radar | Metal Gear solid

Rudimentary version of the Soliton Radar from Metal Gear Solid that can detect walls and movement around the user.

Arduino Lightsaber

A colour changing lightsaber based on Arduino technology.


A device that can measure environmental conditions and relay to the user; in glasses form.

Windows 98 Wrist watch

Everyone's favourite Operating System. On your wrist!

Artificial Life Project

Using a Raspberry Pi with a Unicorn HAT in an attempt to make an artificial life experiment.

Lego Raspberry Pirate Skull Hexapod

My first attempt at a robot with a Lego Pirate theme.

Fingerprint ID Nerf Gun

Inspired by the Biometric ID gun from Skyfall, this will check that I am the one using the Nerf Gun by using fingerprint technology.
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