Send Email With Lua And The Esp32

In this tutorial, we delve into sending emails with the ESP32-S3 using Lua, focusing on the Xedge IDE's built-in SMTP configuration feature

Build A Diy Pulse Oximeter

In this project, you will learn how to build a working pulse oximeter using an Arduino Nano with the MAX30102 sensor module on a breadboard. This project is a great project to get started with learning how to use a breadboard, making electronic connections, and learning how to use arduino code.

Real-time Weather Station With Lark, Arduino And Qubitro

Will guide you in designing and implementing an Arduino-based real-time weather station with Lark weather station and Qubitro.

Stream Audio From Raspberry Pi To Local Computer

Learn to stream live audio from your Raspberry Pi to the web with our quick, easy guide. Start broadcasting in no time!

Scrolling Text On Arduino Uno R4 Wifi Using Visuino

In this tutorial we will learn how to scroll the text on the Arduino UNO R4 display using Visuino. Watch the video!

Building A Desktop Record And Play Robot Arm

Small Arduino desktop 3DOF record and play robot arm with an I2C FRAM chip (MB85RC256V) on which the robot movements can be stored.

Remotely Control Raspberry Pi Via Ssh From External Network

Learn how to SSH into your Raspberry Pi from any network. This is critical in IoT since you can control your device from anywhere.

Voice-controlled Neo Pixels

Will guide you to a simple voice control neo-pixel system.

Ssh Raspberry Pi Via Cell Phone

This beginner-friendly guide will walk you through remotely controlling your Raspberry Pi using SSH through your cell phone.

How To Make Multicolour Pcbs

let's build a multicolour Tom and jerry themed Arduino Uno

Ai-driven Interactive Lab Assistant W/ Opencv & Chatgpt

In remote learning, provide insightful guidance on lab equipment as auto-generated lessons via object detection and artificial intelligence.

Commodore 64 Ai Image Generator

Make creative retro game sprites on the Commodore 64 with generative AI.

Display Text On Rp2040-matrix Using Visuino

In this tutorial we are going to display text on the RP2040-Matrix using Visuino. Watch the Video!

Display Time On M5stack Cores3 Esp32-s3

In this project you can learn how to use Visuino to display time on the M5Stack CoreS3 using internal RTC module.

Easy! Ultrasonic Sensor Hc-sr04 With Arduino Uno R4

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 to display the obstacle distance on the Arduino UNO R4 display.

Springtime Santa Shenanigans: Diy Santa Claus-shaped Pcbs (f

Who says Santa only visits in December? 🎅 Join the hilarity as I dive into the springtime spirit with some seriously tardy Santa PCBs

Octoclock And Old-school Energy Meter

Being on a variable rate tariff means I keep a close eye on when to turn on appliances - these devices help me out at a glance.

Diy Smart Bubble Machine

A bubble machine that can be controlled remotely for a home assistant, And also through my live stream chat.