Diy Pomodoro Pcb Watch - Boost Your Productivity!

If you've been looking for a way to supercharge your productivity and manage your time effectively, this DIY project is perfect for you.

Visual Gesture Controlled Iot Car

Remember the opening scene of movie 'Project Almanac'? Controlling a drone with hand? Make it yourself, and to simplify, let's control a CAR

Fixing Galaga

My Galaga mini arcade cabinet stopped working, so I came up with a Rube Goldberg-esque way to fix it involving robots, Raspberry Pis, etc.

Measure Angles With Mpu6050 And Esp32 (part 2): 3d Animation

Learn how to visualize the MPU6050 angle data from the i2cdevlib in the Arduino Framework using Processing and Toxiclibs library.

How To Connect Mpu6050 To Esp32: Physical Setup And Code

Learn how to easily get acceleration readings to start some cool projects with the ESP32 and MPU6050 Accelerometer.

How To Connect Bmp-180 To Raspberry Pi Pico W

Learn how to get pressure, temperature, and altitude values with Raspberry Pi Pico and the BMP-180 sensor.

Getting Started With Repl On Raspberry Pi Pico Using Rshell

Quickly write code on the Raspberry Pi Pico or Pico W using REPL with Rshell. Quickly write and prototype code without an IDE

How To Connect Bmp-280 To Esp32: Get Pressure & Temp

In this tutorial, we quickly show you how to set it up with the ESP32 which is a popular microcontroller. This will take only a few minutes

Arduino Uno R4 Wifi Home Automation: A Diy Local Web Server.

This project shows how the Arduino Uno R4 WiFi board can make controlling things in your home, by setting up a local web-Server.

DIY Bubble Machine Using Raspberry Pi Pico 🫧

The project aims to create a soap bubble machine using a perforated plastic disc attached to a DC motor and a fan.

Node Red Controlled Neo Pixel On Raspberry Pi 4

Will guide you through implementing neo pixel with Node-Red and Raspberry Pi 4.

Node Red Controlled Web Led On Esp32 With Raspberry Pi 4

Will guide you to control the ESP32 LED via Node-Red and Raspberry Pi.

Measure Angles Easily With Mpu6050 And Esp32: Part 1

Learn how to easily get angles using is2dev library with the MPU6050 in the Arduino Framework

Pet Pot

Pet Pot - A Smart Desk Planter

Arduino Nano Esp32 Handheld Gaming Console - It Plays Doom!

Create your handheld gaming console using an Arduino Nano ESP32 and play Doom on the go.

All About Rcwl-0516 Microwave Radar Motion Sensor

In this tutorial, we are going to look at another method of proximity sensing using "Microwaves" and "Doppler Effect".

How To Make Arduino Gesture Control Robot At Home

Hi readers, welcome back to another interesting project, in this project, I will show you How To Make an Arduino Gesture Control Robot

Crypto Mining With Esp32

Will guide you to mine the crypto via ESP32 Controllers.