Esp32 Personal Bat Signals With Light And Sound

3d printed devices that live on my neighbors' wifi and alert them to impromptu gatherings in my workshop, which is also my bar

3D Printed Rotating Display Stand for 360 Degree Videography

Hola readers, This project is about making a Fully 3D Printed turntable.


EAGLE cad helpers for JLCPCB production and assembly services

Neo Pixels Ring With Arduino Nano

Will guide you to integrate the Neo Pixel Ring with Arduino Nano

Esp32 Breakout Board

"Elevate Your ESP32 Projects with My Custom Breakout Board! I've designed a versatile and user-friendly ESP32 breakout board

How To Upload To An Aws S3 Bucket From A Raspberry Pi

Learn how to send objects to an S3 bucket from your Raspberry Pi to enhance your IoT applications.

Exploring Robot Arm Control: Forward And Inverse Kinematics

In this article, we mainly introduce the forward and inverse kinematics of the robotic arm and how to apply it to the 7-axis robot arm myArm

Micro Sd Cards With The M5stamps3

How to use Micro SD cards with the M5Stamp S3

My Wing Project

My wing project is quite self-explanatory but also quite different it is a GT3 sort of style wing for my MX5 what's different about it is that it is movable it has five flaps each individually controlled that can move up and down depending on speed breaking and so on

Temperature Control Neo Pixels With Arduino Nano

Will guide you to build a DHT11 controlled Neo pixel lighting system with Arduino Nano

Seeed Mr60bha1: Presence, Breathing, And Heartbeat Sensing

Seeed MR60BHA1: Sense presence, breathing, and heartbeat with mmWave precision. Non-contact, low-power, and compact for smart homes, health

555 Adjustable Delay On Off Timer Circuit

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to make an "Adjustable Delay Timer Circuit" using the 555 timer IC.

Sending Messages & Commands To Your Raspberry Pi Using Mqtt

Learn how to send messages to/from your local computer to your Raspberry Pi over the local network using the Mosquitto MQTT

Sending Messages & Commands To Your Raspberry Pi W Mqtt P2

Learn how to connect to your Raspberry Pi with a Node App and MQTT to build some interesting IoT applications.

I Made A Phone-case That Plays Tetris

Using arduino code by "AJ Russel" on github and 3D modeling, I made phone case that you can run tetris one.

Creating A Synchronized Robotic Arm Demo: Step-by-step Guide

Record a case where a robotic arm is manually dragged and another robotic arm follows.

Coding On Raspberry Pi Remotely With Visual Studio Code

In this quick tutorial, enhance your SSH experience with the Raspberry Pi by setting up VSCode with SSH.

How to Make CNC Drawing Machine

Hi people, Have you ever thought you could build a CNC machine at your home? I guess most of them would say no.