Eodbot With Camera Controlled With Tactigon Skin

We wanted to combine the mobility of a tracked rover with the versatility of a robotic arm into a single device that reminds an EOD bot.

Home Garden Kit

A simple solution for Home Garden with Cypress BLE's Mesh Technology.

Pollution Parameters Monitoring System Using Bluetooth Mesh

A system for mobile real time air pollution monitoring system has been developed. This system is being developed with an aim to monitor pollution in real time. This system uses low cost air quality monitoring sensors with location and Bluetooth modules via mesh network. we can use Radio channel instead of Bluetooth network.

Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm

BT Mesh is used to link all sensors together. Each sensor board has a switch input and PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor. Optionally a microphone. More than one sensor has to give a trigger before the alarm goes off to reduce false alarms.

Water Density Mapping For Plants

Mapping water content in the soil of agricultural land is challenging due to variations in the field. In-order to track soil moisture content, each plant is equipped with a CYBT-213043 and capacitive soil moisture sensor forming a mesh network and the paired android app stores the data locally and popups a visual representation.

Intrusion Detector For Farms

This can detect the animal intrusion in the farms and can trigger alerts to farmer.

The Studio Headset: A New Era Of Vr

An affordable headset that requires no PC is just what can launch VR into a new decade of development and enhancement.

Automated Score Tracking Cornhole Game

The Automated Score Tracking (AST) Cornhole Game is a modern upgrade on the classic cornhole game that implements Cypress BLE Mesh to allow for wireless communication and modularity to be introduced to the game. AST eliminates the responsibility for teams to manually keep track of their score from round to round.

Control Insteon Lights Wirelessly Using Motion Detection!

This project will use the EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit with one board located in each room to monitor. The motion sensor detects when someone enters the room and turns on the light. After motion is not detected for a defined period, the lights automatically turn off.

Automatic Meter Reading System Using Ble Mesh

We had designed and developed an xbee Modbus protocol converter for Electricity utility metres at the Delhi Airport using ZigBee (xb865) using mesh networking. Now I wish to replace Xbee 865 with BLE-M

Digital Road Studs Based On Mesh Tecnology

Digital road studs will used at zebra crossing line. it consist of three to four pair of stud which connected to each other through ble mesh technology.They change LED colour according to command given by central BLE board. Further central BLE board is connected to ---->main control board having internet functionality.

Improving Value Of Core Coffee Beans Processing

CeriTech could provide reliable real time data to the processor to monitor the drying stage of coffee beans. The goals is to improve the quality.

Home Automation Using Ble

Enables better use of current hardware and implements a experimental algorithm

Energy Efficient Smart Home Controller

We want to develop a smart central for control of smart rooms based on the Cypress EZ-BT™ Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit modules. Each nodes of this system automatically forms a Bluetooth Mesh network that allows you to control all the devices of the apartment.


Farmers spend endless hours of driving to their field to check on their crops and manually operate the irrigation systems. This is time and labour intense with significant costs to the farmers and sub-optimal use of expensive resources. By using IoT to deliver unobtrusive easy to use and highly reliable systems for precision monitoring and control of irrigation. So, we are going to make an IoT hardware named “Agri-Stick” which is going to measure the four Agri parameters including Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, Atmospheric Temperature and Atmospheric Humidity. These values are going to be updated in the AWS cloud through LoRa technology with Raspberry Pi as single channel LoRa gateway. These values can be monitored in real time from both web browser and mobile phone. It enables growers to make decision based on in-field data. Thus, it saves the time and money for farmers and improve yield and crop quality. By extending the sensors in the Agri-Stick and analysing the data with proper methods, we can use it for measuring soil nutrition, pest detection, and crop planning, spraying pesticides, irrigation and harvesting crops. It prevents over and under watering, reduces crop diseases, confirms water delivery as planned, automate tasks that had been done manually, water savings, labour savings and re-allocation to higher value activities.

Seeed Studio – Ice Tower Cpu Cooling Fan

Testing the Seeed Studio – ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 4! How well does it cool the toasty new single-board computer??

Sony Spresense 120/240 Volt Power Supply Module

120/240V AC or 30V DC power supply module for the Sony Spresense Expansion Board. Plug and power your projects for real world.

120/240 Particle Wifi Switch And Sensor

After researching the Sonoff WiFi switch, I decided to build my own switch box mountable 120V input IoT switch.