How to Make a Neopixel Rainbow Clock

let's build a beautiful desktop clock using Arduino and neopixel

Multi-system Voting Machine

The basic idea behind ​​this project is to build an electronic voting machine with multiple systems (Plurality, Majority & Borda count)

4 Digits 7 Segments Ca Display Module With 74hc595

This 4 digit seven segment display module is controlled using 74HC595 Shift Register. The module uses a single standard common anode display.

Led Matrix Display Panel

This is a light panel made of 5x8 type LED matrices, which can be used together with an Arduino platform for example to display text, data from sensors or other messages we want. LED matrices are recovered from broken electronic boards.

How To Build DIY Maze Game Using Arduino

In this project, we will be using Arduino to create a Maze Solver. The Arduino will be programmed to navigate through a Maze,

Control Your Home Devices Using Arduino And Personal Assist

Let's use Arduino and Amazon's Alexa to create a home automation system that can be operated by speech.

Snoring Detection Using Nordic Thingy:53

Using a Tensorflow Lite Micro model this edge device keeps an ear out and buzzes if you are snoring.

Rebuild An Rc Car With Esp32 & Arduino Code

Rebuild an RC Car from scratch as long as the car features DC motor for the FW/BW movement and 3-wire Servo for steering wheel control

Arduino Root Beer Float Robot

With the press of one button, fully automate the root beer float making process. From dispensing the cup, to extruding the ice-cream and pumping the root beer, there is no work required!

Jägermachine -iot Shot Pouring Machine Powered By A Rasppi 3

The JägerMachine is an IoT shot pouring machine powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B+. It features a full GUI and once paired with it's own Gmail account, the JägerMachine waits for emails containing a secret user defined subject line and a custom message that gets displayed on the screen. Once an email is received a shot is poured.

Espboy - Esp12e Based Gaming Console

let's build a retro gaming console

Weather Station | Bme280 Temperature, Humidity And Pressure

In this tutorial we are going to make a weather station project using a BME280 sensor and ST7735 Display.

Making A Gesture Controller Glove Using Hall Effect Sensor

Hey guys, in this video, we will be making a compact circuit that can be fitted in a glove to control Robots using Gesture commands.

Gesture Control Robot

It is a gesture-controlled robot which is controlled by sending commands from an M5Stack ESP32 board.


Smart weather reporting system using Raspberry Pi and suitable sensors.

How To Make Walkie Talkie Using Arduino

Lets spend some time today & design & understand this fairly simple circuit, & lets find out how our expectations r challenged by the reality

Ultra Tinyml: Machine Learning For 8-bit Microcontroller

How to create a gesture recognition system with Arduino and Neuton TinyML

Indoor Asset Tracking Using Wi-fi Triangulation

Build a complete indoor asset tracking IoT solution using the Blues Wireless Notecard, an ESP32 host MCU, the Notecarrier-F, and Datacake.