Hands-on With Cellular Iot On The Raspberry Pi 5

Learn how to add low-bandwidth cellular connectivity to the new Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer.

Sensecap M2: In865 Lora Gateway, 4g-ready Deployment

Configuring the SenseCAP M2 Multiplatform LoRaWAN Gateway with 4G Backhaul for the IN865 Indian Frequency Band.

Led Control With Esp Webserver

Will guide you to build a simple web control LED unit.

Ai-driven Ble Travel Emergency Assistant W/ Twilio

Detect keychains to inform emergency contacts via WhatsApp / SMS. Display results via BLE. Let contacts request location info from Maps API.

How To Upload To S3 From The Raspberry Pi Pico W

Learn how to upload documents, images, and other files to S3 from the Pico W over the internet. Scale your IoT applications with S3!

Haptic Swim Assistant For Low Visibility Swimmers

Help low visibility swimmers avoid obstacles and know when they're approaching a wall with haptics, as well as provide safety features.

Create React Native Application With Raspberry Pi W Mqtt P3

Learn how to make a React Native Application with a Raspberry Pi. Take a picture and send it to your phone with this simple app!

Package Handling Assurance System

A solution employing machine learning and cellular IoT for the secure transportation of packages.

How To Use Vscode With Raspberry Pi Pico W & Micropython P2

Discover the seamless process of installing third-party packages on the Raspberry Pi Pico W in MicroPython within the Visual Studio Code.

Robot Arms For Accessibility

Revamping a robot arm design & writing fresh, multiplatform code to give it as much functionality as possible for use in disabled travel.

30amp Home-automation Pcb For Heavy Load Appliances

Home-Automation PCB for Heavy Load Appliances like AC, Washing Machines, Geysers. this PCB will handle Upto 30 amp Load.

Kids Led Projector ✨

A Simple Machine for Kids to Bring Their Drawings to Life

Modeling And Simulation Electronic Circuits Using Python

#️⃣ The project aims to model and simulate electronic circuits using Python and Raspberry Pi #️⃣

Implementing Web Server On Esp32

Will guide you to implementing a web server on ESP32 Board.

The Guitar Active Pickguard – Version 2

Crossing Over with the Nordic nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 Companion IC and the NXP i.MX RT685


Your very own Braille language trainer!

3d Printed Arduino Humanoid Robot That Responds To Commands.

Hello, this is a project I've been working on for a while, a humanoid robot. It can track faces using OpenCV, listen to and respond physically and verbally to a plethora of commands. Is able to solve all arithmetic functions and it can even tell jokes and the weather! And it has a dedicated chatbot to hold conversations.

World's Fastest 3d Printed Bo Motor Wheel

Faster alternative to regular BO Motors.