Remote Control An Rgb Led Via Netduino And Xamarin!

Get familiar with Maple, a RESTful web server running on network capable Netduinos and control a rainbow LED remotely with a Xamarin app!

Mouser Football Scoreboard

This easy to build, Arduino powered, football scoreboard provides you with a fantastic way to keep track of the score of your favourite team.

Retro Arcade: Get Your Game On With Pocketbeagle

Tutorial on creating a retro style arcade using BeagleBone's new PocketBeagle

Wooden Pi Handheld Games Console With Bullet Buttons

A guide to build your own handheld games console out of wood using bullet shells for buttons and a missile switch works with RetroPie and EmulationStation on the Raspberry Pi and includes a tiny audio amplifier, speakers and a LithiumIon iPad battery. Build Videos included to show how/how not - 10 mins of entertainment!

Diy Magic Mirror Android Edition

Android based Magic Mirror that responds to sensors

Vintage Wi-fi Internet Radio

An vintage radio turned into a modern Internet Wi-Fi radio

The Princess Playhouse

A Princess Playhouse with an Interactive Magic Mirror

The Diy Photobooth With Lighting Control

Photobooth with Magic Mirror characters and X-10 control

Smart Brake Light Proof Of Concept

An Android controlled smart brake light that displays rapid brake events and signs to other drivers

App Controlled Led Matrix Wearable

LED Bling controlled with an iOS or Android app over Bluetooth. Add your own LED designs simply by importing your GIFs into the apps. Apps include over 90 pixel art designs commissioned from pixel artists.

Make A Massive 4096 Led Display For Retro Pixel Art

Make a Massive 4096 LED Display for Retro Pixel Art

Diy Magic Mirror And Photobooth - Arduino Powered

An Arduino/sensor controlled Magic Mirror with characters that speak the weather, Stock and Bitcoin performance, Tweets along with novelty Breathalyzer, Photobooth, and X-10 control functions

Led Pixel Art Frame With Retro Arcade Art, App Controlled

A Bluetooth app controlled LED Art Frame with 1,024 LEDs that displays retro 80s arcade game art

Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Controlled With The Tactigon

Move your hands and control this Arduino powered robot using The Tactigon inside T-Skin hand band!

Arduino Powered Robotic Arm Controlled With T-skin!

Enjoy our new project! We programmed a T-Skin to talk with an Arduino powered robotic arm, to follow hand movement!

IR Remote Hacking and Automation

Hello guys,From my childhood itself I was wondering about the TV remote controller and how does it work.This instructable tells the story how I managed to decode/hack an old remote controller and used it for home automation.This instructable contains different parts as follows: Decoding the remote. Application 1. Application 2. Application 3.

Automatic Hotspot For Your Raspberry Pi Using Iot Bit

For this instructable, we will set up an automatic hotspot using the Raspberry Pi and other minicomputers. Heres a list of the computers which are compatible: Raspberry Pi 1-2-3, Raspberry Pi Zero, Asus Tinkerboard Rock 64, Orange P Samsung Artiks Eagleye

Setup Of Iot Bit On Your Mini Computers With Ubuntu Mate

Our intelligent HAT module provides your Raspberry Pi with mobile data, GPS positioning information and battery support. This is the perfect module for hackers, scientists, and creators as it gives your Pi powerful connectivity wherever you are.