Automated Pill Dispenser

Do you struggle to remember when to take your medication? If so, you need an automatic pill dispenser.

Fart Monitoring Using Coral Dev Board Micro

A low-powered edge device that detects farts and keeps track of them using a TensorFlow model running on a Coral Edge TPU

Automatic Flag Waver

I love waving flags but my wrists get tired, so I made an automatic flag waver.

Pigeon Scarecrow

A scarecrow designed to scare away pigeons

Logo Rocket Automated

How to transform a small LEGO rocket toy into an automated, USB-powered wonder that spins smoothly without any manual cranking!


Convert any text into the Simlish language from the game, The Sims; with the power of ChatGPT!

Rp2040 Based Pi-day Bling

RP2040-based bling that changes its LED color when it detects one of three keywords: "Pi", "3.14", or "Irrational"

Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi = ???

The Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi project is a personal challenge to communicate between 6 raspberry pis using different communication methods

Diy Smart Lock

I didn't want to buy a Smart Lock without knowing that I would actually use its functionalities so I decided to make my own

Washing Up Liquid Dispenser

Do you hate doing the dishes? Do you wish there was a way to make this chore less tedious and more fun?

Putin Slapper

It slaps putin in the face over and over again what else is there to say

How To Use A Turbidity Sensor

If you've ever needed a sensor to examine the cleanliness of water a turbidity sensor is what you need

Bareboat Necessities

With BBN OS you can build a central boat computer. BBN OS is free and open source. It is based on commonly used community supported open source projects such as SignalK, PyPilot, OpenCPN, and others. BBN OS graphical user interface will let you build a cockpit front-end to all functionality of the OS from chartplotting, dashboar

Old Macdonald Had A Farm, And Became A Safer Driver

Driver ID, location/velocity data, seatbelt, aggressive driving and alcohol detection for Fatal Accident Risk Mitigation (FARM) in vehicles.

Citizen Science Badge

This badge enables automated data collection using a microphone to collect data, and upload it using a cellular module.

Basics Of Arduino (tinkercad)

Arduino and Tinkercad are two powerful tools that are transforming the world of electronics and engineering.

Diy Power Delivery Trigger

let's build a PD trigger

Pipeline Clog Detection With A Flowmeter And Tinyml

Measure the flow rate through a pipe and use machine learning to determine if a clog has formed.