Tuya Link Sdk Iot Smart Environment Sensing And Humidifier

Within less than 15 minutes build smart Raspberry Pi based Smart Home Environment Sensing and Humidification device

Arduino Sgp30 Air Quality Sensor Voc And Eco2 Gas Sensor

In This tutorial we will learn how to use the SGP30 Air Quality Sensor to Display TVOC, ,CO2, Hydrogen and Ethanol on the OLED Display..

IOT Pet Feeder Using the Blynk Mobile App and an ESP32 Mo...

today i show you how to make IOT Pet Feeder Using the Blynk Mobile App and an ESP32

Make Diy Homework Writing Machine At Home

Drawing Robot/Pen Plotter/Drawing Machine is an Open Hardware version of the famous machine AxiDraw which it is a pen plotter, capable of wr

Openncc We

Edge AI IoT camera with POE and WiFi

Diy - Nodemcu Development Board

I designed a replica of the NodeMCU Development Board, which, 10 of them I got fabricated for just $5.

Chatbot 2022 Edition

My previous Chatbot updated to Python 3, using Docker and PostgreSQL

Raspberrypi Based Edge-ai Vehicle License Plate Recognition

See the vehicle license plate recognition application as an example to see how the two-stage model worked out on OpenNCC.

Halloween Themed Vending Machine

In this project, we created a halloween themed chocolate vending machine.

Touchless Electronic Dice Using Arduino

Created a touchless Covid Free Electronic Dice using Arduino to play some board games with my son.

Arduino Ambient Light With 433mhz Rf Remote Control

In this tutorial we will learn how to control the RGB LED Random color with a 433MHz RF Remote and Arduino, also how to turn it ON or OFF, o

Disinfectant Bot

Have you ever wanted to be cleaned after a cough. Well let me intrduce the Disinfectant Bot.

Circuitmess Batmobile™ - A Diy Ai-powered Smart Robot Car

A STEM kit that will teach you about autonomous driving, and machine learning while exploring the world of electronics & programming More info here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/albertgajsak/circuitmess-batmobile

Debugging A Hot Tub Time (series) Machine

Build a water quality monitoring solution with cellular connectivity, cloud dashboards, and SMS messaging for chlorine emergencies! 🐛❌

Arduino Seeeduino Xiao Compass Qmc5883-gy-271 And Oled Di...

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the seeduino Xiao with the compass I2C sensor QMC5883 and the OLED Display.

Lora Soil Moisture Sensor V3

In the past few months, we made a big upgrade for the new version of Lora soil moisture. In this article, we will introduce the great improvements on Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture sensor V3.

Arduino Turn 12v Bulb Light With 433mhz Rf Remote Control...

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to turn ON or OFF a 12V light bulb with a 433MHz RF Remote control and Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Magnetometer

In this project, we use an MCC 118 Voltage Measurement DAQ HAT and Raspberry Pi to read the linear output from a magnetic field sensor.