Object And Human Following Robot

About the project

Object following robot which can find an object with range ... follow or avoid an object and human in specific distance.

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: ArduinoGoogle

Estimated time: 1 hour

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

arduino uno arduino uno x 1
dc gear motor dc gear motor x 2
Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 x 1
jumper wires jumper wires x 1
l293d motor driver l293d motor driver x 1
breadboard breadboard x 1
wheels wheels x 3
chasis chasis x 1
9v battery/power bank 9v battery/power bank x 1

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Hand tools and fabrication machines

screw driver screw driver x 1


hellooo guys...

we have made a new nice project...object following robot thats based on arduino...

this robot is made by using a ultrasonic sensor....

ultrasonic sensor:-

An Ultrasonic sensor is a device that can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves. It measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and listening for that sound wave to bounce back.

so..this sensor can find object with range and follow or avoid a object and human in specific distance..

so lets start..

  Step 1: Components

1:-arduino uno with usb cable(Generic Uno R3 ATmega328P with USB Cable length 1 feet, Compatible with ATMEGA16U2 Arduino (Color may vary))

2:-l293d motor driver(Embeddinator's L293D Motor Driving Module)

3:-breadboard(KTC CONS Labs Nickel Plated 840 Points Bread Board or Solderless Piecesb Circuit Test Board, White)

4:-jumper wires(REES52 Jumper Wire - 10 Male to Male + 10 Female to Female + 10 Male to Female)

5:-ultrasonic sensor hc-04(Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor for arduino)

6:-two dc gear motor(Generic E_14009429 Imported DC Geared Motor Gearmotor for Arduino Robot Smart Car DIY 14009429Mg)

7:-a chasis with wheels and caster wheel(Generic AX195 Advance Metal Chassis)

8:-power bank or 9v battery(Intex IT-PBB 2000 MAH Power Bank (White))

Step 2: Circuit connection

ultrasonic sensor connection:-

trig pin is connected to arduino 2pin

echo pin is connected to arduino 3pin

l293d motor driver  connection:-

motordriver l293d have 16pin...

1,8,9,16pin of l293d is connected to +5v

4,5,10 and 11 pin of l293d is connected to gnd


connection between arduino and l293d:-

2pin of l293d is connect to 4pin of arduino

7pin of arduino is connect to 5pin of arduino

9pin of arduino is connect to 6pin of arduino

15pin of arduino is connect to 7pin of arduino

motor connection:-

motor1 is connected to 3 and 6pin of l293d

motor2 is connected to 10 and 14 pin of l293d

that it....then connect to power supply....

Step 3: How This Robot Works??

This robot is works depend on ultrasonic sensor,which is help to find any object in range...

ultrasonic sensor works in 180degree angle..

if distance is 40cm or >40..then robots will be stop..






















so if distance of ultrasonic sensor 25cm or <25

this time robot moves forward using two dc gear motor... 

else ..if distance <25..this time robots can moves backward..

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Schematics and circuit diagrams

circuit diagram


object follow.ino

plz copy the code at 1st...then compile must..then upload to your arduino..


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