Modular Iot Kit

Your gateway to a simpler, smarter tomorrow!

Wavtrigger Drum Machine Interface

An Arduino interface to turn the Robertsonics/Sparkfun WavTrigger board into a drum machine

Pixelpanda | A 3d Printed Rgb Matrix Pc Build

A 3D printed custom PC based on new LattePanda MU.

Learning With Our Diy Mini Vibration Motor Kit

This kit is the starter pack for little creators. This kit contains the Best quality and Branded products to give you excellent performance.

Ameba Pro 2 Sos: Alerts, Maps & Camera

Ameba Pro 2 SOS snaps pic & shares location (Telegram & Maps) for fast help!

Two-way Satellite Messaging With Blues Starnote

Learn how to incorporate low-cost satellite connectivity in your project using the Blues Starnote alongside a Blues Notecard.

Sign Language Translator

A wearable Sign Language Translator powered by the VIAM and Raspberry Pi.

Voice Controlled Dht11 With Dfrobot

Will guide you to visualize the DHT11 data via voice commands.

The Ultimate Tech Breakfast Solution: Arduino Cereal And Mil

Are you ready to revolutionize your breakfast routine with our cutting-edge tech-savvy solution? Introducing the Arduino Cereal and Milk Dispenser, a game-changer in the world of breakfast automation. Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring out your cereal and milk each morning - our automated dispenser takes care of it all for y

3d Printed Mars Rover Using Esp12e

Lets build a 3D-printed rocker-bogie MARS rover using esp12e

Real-time Weather Station With Lark, Arduino And Qubitro

Will guide you in designing and implementing an Arduino-based real-time weather station with Lark weather station and Qubitro.

Building A Desktop Record And Play Robot Arm

Small Arduino desktop 3DOF record and play robot arm with an I2C FRAM chip (MB85RC256V) on which the robot movements can be stored.

How To Make Multicolour Pcbs

let's build a multicolour Tom and jerry themed Arduino Uno

Commodore 64 Ai Image Generator

Make creative retro game sprites on the Commodore 64 with generative AI.

Springtime Santa Shenanigans: Diy Santa Claus-shaped Pcbs (f

Who says Santa only visits in December? 🎅 Join the hilarity as I dive into the springtime spirit with some seriously tardy Santa PCBs

Octoclock And Old-school Energy Meter

Being on a variable rate tariff means I keep a close eye on when to turn on appliances - these devices help me out at a glance.

Arduino Iot Smart Solar Plant

Artificial plant with environmental monitoring

Ulabel: Finger Labeling Device

5-finger Machine Learning Labeling Device for Supervised Learning of prosthetic sensors (finger movement prediction from forearm tendon muscles).