Face Tracking Ping Pong Launcher With Arduino And Rpi

Protect your desk with this ping pong ball launcher that detects and aims at an intruder's face before firing a barrage of ping pong balls at them.

Arduino Temperature Alarm Led Display Flash And Beep

Temperature Alarm that will beep and flash when the temperature is out of out of boundaries. Watch the Video!

2 Classic Ai On Edge Iot Camera Solution

deployed on Raspberry pi and Intel VPU

Arduino Height Measuring Using Vl53l0x Laser Sensor

Make a Height Measuring tool using a VL53L0X.Time-of-Flight ranging sensor Watch the video!

Build An Iot-based Automated Chicken Coop Door With Esp32 An

A servo motor-operated door that closes when it gets dark or at a specific time.

Arduino Turn 12v Bulb Light With 433mhz Rf Remote Control...

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to turn ON or OFF a 12V light bulb with a 433MHz RF Remote control and Arduino.

How To Use Seeeduino Xiao - Led Blink

In this Tutorial we will learn how to use Seeeduino XIAO by making a Simple LED Blink project. Watch the video!

Tuya Iot Smart Gas Knob

This project aims to develop a device that assists in the timely control of the gas knob using the TUYA IoT cloud platform. We’ll be creating an automatic burner control using a microcontroller and sensors for assisting and safety measurements, which helps control Gas Knob position (High, Medium, Low). We’ll be using a Gas senso


A compact privacy friendly and fully open source GNSS receiver with motion detection, a SD card and NFC

Control Leds On/off With 433mhz Rf Remote And Arduino

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to turn ON/OFF 4 LEDs with a 433MHz RF Remote and Arduino. Watch the Video!

Visuino Build An Intrusion Detection System Using Arduino

In this tutorial we will use a XYC-WB-DC Microwave Radar Motion Sensor connected to Arduino UNO and Visuino to detect any movement.

M5stickc-esp32 Mini Pir Alarm System

In this project we will learn how to make a mini Alarm Warning using a mini PIR sensor and a M5StickC ESP32 board. Watch the video!

Arduino Nano: Flame Sensor With Visuino

Connect Infrared Flame Sensor to Arduino, and program it to detect flames in different ways - Quick and Easy!

Arduino Nano: Matrix Keypad With Visuino

Connect Matrix Keypads to Arduino Nano and program it - quick and easy!

Make A Smart Unlock System For Motorcycle - Keyless

In this blog, I am going to show you how to Make a Smart Unlock System For Motorcycle. This is a great project

3d Printed Secure Candy Vending Machine

This vending machine secures my candy with a fingerprint scanner. Once access is granted, I can choose the amount of candy that i want (A Bit, Not Alot, Too Much). There's also a Dark Mode interface because why not? (;. The dispensing system is almost fully 3D printed, and is powered with a 9g servo.

How To Use Pir Sensor And A Buzzer Module - Visuino Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn how to use a PIR sensor and a buzzer module to make a sound every time a PIR sensor detects a movement.

Find Out When Someone Entered A Room Using Radar Sensor X...

In this tutorial we will learn how to Find out when someone entered a room using RTC module, radar sensor xyc-wb-dc ,OLED display