Ameba Pro 2 Sos: Alerts, Maps & Camera

Ameba Pro 2 SOS snaps pic & shares location (Telegram & Maps) for fast help!

Led Matrix Countdown Timer Using Visuino

In this tutorial we are going to build a simple Countdown timer using LED Matrix MAX7219 and Arduino. Watch the Video!

Visuino Bh-1750 Ambient Light Sensor

In this tutorial you will learn how to use BH-1750 ambient light sensor with Visuino. Watch the Video!

Send Sms Using Sim900 Gsm Shield & Arduino - Visuino Tutoria

In this tutorial you will learn how to send sms using the SIM900 GSM Shield and Visuino. Watch the Video!

Dim The Rgb Led Arduino Nano Esp32 Using Visuino

In this tutorial we will use the built-in RGB LED on Arduino Nano ESP32 and Visuino to make dim the LED using the Pulse Width Modulation.

Streaming Firebeetle Esp32 Camera Video To Home Assistance

Will guide you to stream ESP32 Cam footage to Home Assistant.

Fiber Optic Fault Alert With Blues, Edge Impulse & Qubitro

This project tutorial will show you how to implement a Fiber Optic Cable fault detection system with machine learning, Blues & Qubitro.

Smart Door Lock With Esp32 And Blues Notecard

Create a smart door lock that utilises BLE for local unlocking and a mobile app integrated with Blues Notecards for remote unlocking.

Make A Phone Call Using The Sim900 Gsm Shield & Visuino

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a phone call using the SIM900 GSM Shield and Visuino.

Raspberry Pi Pico & Nextion Weather Station Using Visuino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a simple weather station using the Raspberry Pi Pico & Visuino to display Temperature & Humidity.

Esp32cam Pan And Tilt Using Facial Tracking

I wanted to post this project because its really easy and rewarding to make. I'll just tell you how to modify the Espressif example, by adding some lines of code in the right places. In the end you will be able to perform computer vision, facial tracking, and pan and tilt without computer support.

Raspberry Pi Home Security System With Hexabitz Modules

In this project, we will be combining the power of Raspberry Pi, Hexabitz, and a Pi camera to create a motion detection camera system.

All About Rcwl-0516 Microwave Radar Motion Sensor

In this tutorial, we are going to look at another method of proximity sensing using "Microwaves" and "Doppler Effect".

Traffic Lights Using Atom Matrix Esp32

In this Tutorial we are going to make a Traffic Lights using ATOM Matrix ESP32. Watch the Video!

Virtual Fence - Anti Theft Device

Use Geo-Fence to secure anything within your SAFE-HOUSE. Edge-computed fence based on GPS and Cellular IoT

Rfid Security Cat Feeder

I have 2 cats. I need a way to keep the Tabby from eating the Void’s food and I do not want to pay $200-$250 on a microchip security feeder. So what if I use my skills in Arduino control, miniature motors, 3D printing, and 3D drafting to make my own Security Cat Feeder and save money while working on a fun project?

No-code Intrusion Detection System With Blues Notecard

You can have an AIoT security system up and running with minimal configuration, without the need to write any code.

Camera Bot Using Firebeetle 2 Esp32-s3

This tutorial will show you how to craft a live camera bot with the powerful FireBeetle 2 ESP32-S3 board.