How To Make Minimalistic Smart Curtains

By using a simple setup, we can accomplish everything we'd want in a Smart Curtain while keeping things cheap and easy. Wins all around.

Coffee Fountain

Turning Donations into a Coffee Cup Water Feature


DIY RGB Stereo VU Meter | Multi Color with Patterns | Arduino Nano and WS2812B

Controlling 4 Channel Arduino Relay With Buttons

In this tutorial we will learn how to use 4 Channel Arduino Relay with Arduino and Visuino and controlling it with 4 buttons.

Esp Now - Display On & Off Buttons With Ttgo Esp32

In this tutorial we will learn how to use ESP NOW with two TTGO-T-Display ESP32 boards.

Rtos And Bluetooth Based Smart Home Automation

A complete home automation system developed on ESP32 microcontroller using freeRTOS. The system is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a dedicated android app.

Diy Youtube Subscriber Counter

DIY physical YouTube subscriber counter using a D1 Mini microcontroller and a seven-segment display.

Tinyml: An Always-on Audio Classifier Using Synthetic Data

Use machine learning to build a system that can recognize audible events, particularly your name through audio classification.

Remotely Controlled Plant Watering System Using nRF7002 Dk

An IoT-based device that sends indoor plant status over MQTT and can be watered automatically or remotely.

The Arm Oh My Robot E.m.m.a. Controlled With A Gang

The finger of my arm move with a servo controled by an arduino mega, and the gang works with flex sensors and a accelerometer gyroscope. And all this is powered by two external batteries

Picofarmled - Led Panels For Diy Home Farming Projects

The first DIY-focused full spectrum LED panels for plants and fishes. Its on-board driver makes is very easy to control from any 3.3v or 5v controller, or even a simple potentiometer. Add the sun to your home farming projects!

Mimosa: The Smarter Inventory Management System

Upgrade your organizers with MIMOSA - a self-hosted inventory management system. Easy to build, affordable, and super smart!

Diy Automated Blinds

I designed and built my own Smart blinds, To maximise privacy And light coming in.

Disco Ball Dispenser

Too many times have I had a spontaneous disco party erupt in my house, but without a disco ball it's not a disco party it's time to change I

Gesture Control Bluetooth Speaker Arduino

Bluetooth speakers are the most widely used speakers these days. Their compact size with portability and long battery life have made them a centre of attraction

Esp8266 Iot Development Board Weather Station

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple weather station using a ESP8266 IoT Development Board with DHT11 Sensor & OLED Display.

Nema 17 Stepper Motor Set Sequence Of Steps

In this tutorial we will learn how to set a sequence of steps and direction for the stepper motor NEMA 17 and repeat them in a loop.

Move Stepper Motor Nema 17 To An Exact Position With Button

In this tutorial we will learn how to move a stepper motor NEMA17 for a certain amount of steps, and then with a push of a button repeat it.