Nest Your Old Thermostat Under $5

Make your old thermostat smart again with this $5 device!

Alexa Curtain Control System - 3d Printable And Low Cost

I decided to remove the chore of opening and closing curtains. This means running into every room in the house 730 fewer times a year! (Not to mention it's super cool). Once setup you can also add routines in Alexa to have your curtains work in tandem with other devices in your house.

Haunted Home Automation

Scare your guests by flickering Hue lights and playing a scary movie. Couple with smart mirror and Alexa for full effect.

Arduino Tft Interfacing

By using this color TFT LCD shield we can show characters, strings, button interfacing, bitmap images, etc on the color TFT LCD

Pool And Sauna Controller

Control your pool and sauna from anywhere!

Use Visual Studio Code For Your Particle Development Needs

Use this lightweight, cross-platform editor while developing Particle software.

Create An App In Ionic Framework

Use the Ionic framework to build an app that can control your hardware or hit any REST API.

Pushing Data To Google Docs

Make your hardware push data to a Google spreadsheet.

Notifications From Your Dryer

Know when your clothes are dry

The Minimalist Thermostat

A thermostat you won't see

Sharing The Push Notifications Of Your Hardware

Share the push notifications of your hardware with family or friends

Use Nfc Tags To Control Your Hardware

Scan an NFC tag and get a temperature reading, open your garage or whatever you want.

Talk To Your Hardware

Use Google Now to trigger actions and get status of your hardware with your voice

Storing Data In Google

Store any data you want in Google Sheets

Add Push Notifications To Your Hardware

Use Pushbullet to notify you of whatever your hardware is doing


Control your Particles from all your phones and tablets

Garage Commander

Control your garage door from wherever you are.

Water Detection System

Get notified of water wherever you are