Octoclock And Old-school Energy Meter

Being on a variable rate tariff means I keep a close eye on when to turn on appliances - these devices help me out at a glance.

Diy Smart Bubble Machine

A bubble machine that can be controlled remotely for a home assistant, And also through my live stream chat.

Push Notification For Doorbells

Get push notification for your doorbell on your smartphone! Never again will you miss a ring on your wired doorbell, leaving your visitor waiting outside the door. See more on: https://sites.google.com/view/alexs-projects

Ultrasonic Sensor With Home Assistant

Will guide you to integrate the UltraSonic sensor with Home Assistant.

Nodemcu Based: 3d Printed Indoor Gauge Thermometer

Created an Arduino/NodeMCU based indoor dial thermometer

Streaming Firebeetle Esp32 Camera Video To Home Assistance

Will guide you to stream ESP32 Cam footage to Home Assistant.

Integrating Dht11 With Beetle Esp32 C3 And Home Assistant

Will show you how to integrate DHT11 with Home Assistant

Diy Garage Door Opener Using Arduino: A Beginner's Guide

In this article, we'll delve into the exciting realm of simulating a garage door opener using Arduino.

Diy Pet Feeder Based On Esp8266

A DIY Feeder for a cat, dog, lizard, gremlin or anything you have there :) It is based on the popular ESP8266. So, it can be integrated with any open smart system like Home Assistant, Domoticz, or OpenHAB. And if that's the case, it can probably also be controlled from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Dfrobot Beetle Esp32 C3 With Home Assistance

Will guide you to integrate the Beetle ESP32 C3 with Home Assistance.

Home Assistance On Windows

Will guide you to install Home Assistance on Windows PC

Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000

This is the result of my father wanting to control some LEDs in his model railway buildings. Over the span of a few months, I put a lot of energy and effort into creating an Arduino based Browser powered LED controller that adds interactivity and a ton of life and detail to his prints.

Fiber Optic Fault Alert With Blues, Edge Impulse & Qubitro

This project tutorial will show you how to implement a Fiber Optic Cable fault detection system with machine learning, Blues & Qubitro.

Automatic Battery Charger V2

A charger that will automatically charge your batteries

Esp32 Web Server With Slider

Will guide you to build a web server-controlled PWM in ESP32.

Diy Smart 3d Printer Enclosure

DIY Smart 3D Printer Enclosure

Green Box: Remotely Controllable Power Consumption

Green Box: Manage & monitor your energy use remotely! Plug in, access, and save power. Eco-friendly control at your fingertips.

Cellular Iot Network Creator Kit With Blues

Crafting Connectivity: Empowering Your World with Cellular IoT.