Visual Gesture Controlled Iot Car

Remember the opening scene of movie 'Project Almanac'? Controlling a drone with hand? Make it yourself, and to simplify, let's control a CAR

Fixing Galaga

My Galaga mini arcade cabinet stopped working, so I came up with a Rube Goldberg-esque way to fix it involving robots, Raspberry Pis, etc.

Arduino Uno R4 Wifi Home Automation: A Diy Local Web Server.

This project shows how the Arduino Uno R4 WiFi board can make controlling things in your home, by setting up a local web-Server.

Make Diy Interactive Paper Robot With Hexabitz 🤖👋😊

Make a robot that reacts to gestures by waving its arms in a cheer!

Turn Oled Display On And Off With A Push Button Using Arduin

In this tutorial we are going to Turn ON or OFF the OLED Display using a button & Arduino. Watch the Video!

Fire Detector Using Omniverse Replicator And Arduino Nicla

This is a proof-of-concept project that demonstrates the use of TinyML and synthetic dataset for fire detection.

Running A Chatgpt-like Llm-llama2 On A Nvidia Jetson Cluster

This project allows you to use a ChatGPT-like Large Language Model - LLaMA2 on an NVIDIA Jetson cluster.

Small-footprint Keyword Spotting For Low-resource Languages

Our project aims to develop an efficient system for detecting keywords in languages with limited resources on the Arduino Nicla Voice.

Arduino Dc Motor Running For A Specific Time

In this tutorial we will learn how to rotate a DC motor for a certain time period and then with a push of a button repeat it again.

How To Control Stepper Motor With Joystick Using Arduino

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to control a 4-wire stepper motor with a joystick using Arduino. Watch the Video!

Control Two Stepper Motors Using Rotary Encoder Sensor & Ard

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to control 2 stepper motors using a rotary encoder sensor & Arduino. Watch the Video!

Rfid Security Cat Feeder

I have 2 cats. I need a way to keep the Tabby from eating the Void’s food and I do not want to pay $200-$250 on a microchip security feeder. So what if I use my skills in Arduino control, miniature motors, 3D printing, and 3D drafting to make my own Security Cat Feeder and save money while working on a fun project?

Arctos - 3d Printed Robotic Arm

Build yourself a robotic arm from scratch.

How To Use Pcf8574 Gpio Extender With Arduino Or Esp32

If you require more pins for your project to connect more buttons, sensors or LEDs, GPIO expanders can help.

How To Use Mcp4725 12 Bit Digital To Analog Converter

In this tutorial we will learn how to use MCP4725 12Bit Digital to Analog Converter with Arduino to generate Square, Sine & Triangle waves.

Controlling 4 Channel Arduino Relay With Buttons

In this tutorial we will learn how to use 4 Channel Arduino Relay with Arduino and Visuino and controlling it with 4 buttons.

Emo - Your Personal Companion Robot

An open-source personal companion robot

3-mode Bluetooth Robot Car

Robot car developed using Arduino that can operate in 3 modes - Manual, Automatic and Voice with additional features. The car is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a dedicated Android app.