How To Use Pwm Signal Generator Module With Visuino

In this tutorial we will learn how to control a PWM Signal Generator Module XY-LPWM with Visuino. Watch the Video!

Adafruit Mprls - Pressure Sensor Using Visuino Custom Code

In this tutorial we are going to read the values from a Pressure Sensor Adafruit MPRLS by using a Custom Code component in Visuino Pro.

Ultrasonic Sensor Hc-sr04 & Led Indicator Module & Visuino

In this tutorial we will learn how to use LED Indicator Module & HC-SR04Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino and Visuino. Watch the video!

Visuino Bh-1750 Ambient Light Sensor

In this tutorial you will learn how to use BH-1750 ambient light sensor with Visuino. Watch the Video!

Four-legged Robot Ensuring Intelligent Sprinkler Automation

FREISA, an acronym for "Four-legged Robot Ensuring Intelligent Sprinkler Automation, " continues the storyline of the B-AROL-O Team's saga

Diy Garage Door Opener Using Arduino: A Beginner's Guide

In this article, we'll delve into the exciting realm of simulating a garage door opener using Arduino.

Westworld Host Prototype

An OpenAI powered skull robot inspired from the robotics on the show Westworld

Rescue Bot

Rescue Bot is an autonomous ground rover designed to navigate post-disaster terrain, locate survivors and enhance disaster response

"smart" Gingerbread House

Transforming a classic gingerbread house into a tech marvel with RGB LEDs, servos, and a web interface!

Control Servo Motor Using Atom Matrix Esp32 & Visuino

In this tutorial we will use Servo Motor and ATOM Matrix ESP32, and Visuino to control servo motor degree position. Watch the video!

Turn Led On And Off With Push Button Using Arduino & Visuino

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to turn the LED ON or OFF with a button.

Arduino Nano Esp32 Rgb Led Blink Using Visuino

Learn how to program Arduino Nano ESP32 board to blink the built-in RGB LED using Visuino.

Measuring Distance With Hc-sr04p & Ultrasonic Sensor Hc-sr04

In this tutorial we are going to connect HC-SR04P module to Arduino using a serial connection & display the distance in Visuino.

Control Stepper Motor Nema17 - Custom Code In Visuino Pro

In this tutorial we are going to control a stepper motor Nema 17 by using a Custom Code component in Visuino Pro.

Robot Arms For Accessibility

Revamping a robot arm design & writing fresh, multiplatform code to give it as much functionality as possible for use in disabled travel.

30amp Home-automation Pcb For Heavy Load Appliances

Home-Automation PCB for Heavy Load Appliances like AC, Washing Machines, Geysers. this PCB will handle Upto 30 amp Load.


Your very own Braille language trainer!

3d Printed Arduino Humanoid Robot That Responds To Commands.

Hello, this is a project I've been working on for a while, a humanoid robot. It can track faces using OpenCV, listen to and respond physically and verbally to a plethora of commands. Is able to solve all arithmetic functions and it can even tell jokes and the weather! And it has a dedicated chatbot to hold conversations.