Lotp Robot Dog V2

- Designed with Fusion 360® - Teensy3.5 & Arduino - Modular structure (Lidar, Drone, Gas detection) - Autonomous (avoiding obstacle, maintain balance, pressure control) - PI control - Kinematics & Inverse Kinematics applied - Sensors: Lidar, Gas detection, Pressure sensors Gyroscope, GPS, Wi-Fi connection, Camera

Multifunctional Cable Cam

This cable cam is powered by an ODESC motor controller, it is like an ODrive but only for one axis. Because it is powered by this powerful controller there are a lot of upgrade possibilities.

Ir Remote Tester And Decoder

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to create a simple InfraRed Receiver / Tester Circuit using TSOP4838

Quadruped Spiderbot

A medium size quadruped robot spider controlled with a phone app.

Gesture Controlled Soft Robot Tentacle

A soft robot controlled with a wrist mounted accelerometer.

Arduino Color Recognition Tcs34725 Color Sensor And Neopixel

In this tutorial we are going to recognize a color of the paper and display this color on the Neopixel strip (8 led) using a TCS34725 Sensor

Control The Lcd St7735 Backlight Brightness Using Pwm

In this tutorial we are going to change the ST7735 SPI LCD Backlight brightness using a potentiometer & Arduino. Watch the video!

Simple Lcd Battery Level Indicator 20x4 I2c

In this Tutorial we are going to make a Battery Level Indicator using LCD I2C 20 X 4 Display.

Arduino Stepper Motor 28byj-48 Control Speed And Direction

In this tutorial we will learn how to move a stepper motor, change the speed with the potentiometer and change the direction using a button.

How To Control A 360 Continuous Servo Motor Using Arduino

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to control the speed and direction of a Continuous Rotation Servo using a potentiometer & button

Nrf24l01 Wireless Servo Motor Control With Joystick

In this tutorial we will explore Wireless Communication and learn how to control servo motors using the NRF24L01 modules, joystick.

Bag O' Bones

A skull in a 'bag of bones' that sees you, plays a random tune and moves using a PicoW!

How To Configure And Setup Ws2812 Wled With Relayfi

Run WLED WS2812 with RelayFi - 4 channel relay board with ESP32

Trundlebot - The Educational Robot

This fun “turtle” robot is a low cost education toy that anyone can build and enjoy learning to programme with.

Clap Switch Using Sound Sensor & Arduino

In this tutorial we are going to make a clap switch using a Sound Sensor & Arduino. Whenever you clap an LED will Turn On or Off.

How To Use Ds18b20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor & Arduino

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to use a DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor with Arduino. Watch the Video!

Get Servo Motor Positions From Sd Card

In this tutorial we are going to read servo motor positions from the SD card where we saved a text file with positions. Watch the Video!

Controlling Servo Motor With Ir Remote Using Arduino

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to control a Servo motor using IR remote and Arduino Watch the Video!