The Ultimate Smart Door Lock Security System

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Gain access by presenting an RFID keyfob, entering your PIN on the touchscreen and then entering a one-time code sent by SMS.

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Hardware components

Raspberry Pi touchscreen (4inch RPi LCD (A)) Raspberry Pi touchscreen (4inch RPi LCD (A)) x 1
USB RFID Reader & Tags USB RFID Reader & Tags x 1
5V Single Channel Relay Switch 5V Single Channel Relay Switch x 1
Electric Strike / Lock Release Electric Strike / Lock Release x 1
GPIO Expansion Board GPIO Expansion Board x 1
Choc Blocks Choc Blocks x 1
Arduino Jumper Cables M/M 65 pack Arduino Jumper Cables M/M 65 pack x 1
ATX breakout board bench power supply ATX breakout board bench power supply x 1
Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Board Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Board x 1

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Software apps and online services

Raspbian Raspbian
Twilio Twilio
Python Python

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Multimeter Multimeter x 1
Precision Screwdriver Set Precision Screwdriver Set x 1
Wire Strippers / Cutters / Crimpers Wire Strippers / Cutters / Crimpers x 1
Soldering Iron Soldering Iron x 1
Glue Gun Glue Gun x 1
Cordless Drill Cordless Drill x 1
Jigsaw Jigsaw x 1


In this video Paul shows you how to build the ultimate door lock system, effectively turning your office or bedroom into a high-security vault! To be granted access and open the door, visitors will require not just two but THREE factors of authentication; an RFID keyfob, their unique PIN, and a one-time passcode sent to their phone via SMS. It's all built using readily-available low-cost components built around a Raspberry Pi.

I built the project because I love building things and combining software engineering with hardware that does something in the "real world". I'm interested in security and how two-factor authentication has augmented the level of security offered by systems which previously relied on password only, so I wanted to push the boundaries and see what as possible with a third requirement too.


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Paul is a technology enthusiast, geek, writer, presenter, video producer, YouTuber, drummer, husband, and father to three children, including twins.


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