Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using Arduino 101

A method in which waste management is automated. An innovative system that will help keep the city clean and healthy

Automatic Flying Bug Killer

A solar powered, cloud-connected device to dispatch annoying summertime pests efficiently.

Arduino And Ac Devices - Automatic Lights

Learn how to use Relay, Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino in one cool and easy project

Home Monitoring With Wireless Sensor Nodes

Monitor your home using this powerful tutorial. Only two components needed: a Raspberry Pi and a Sparrow Sensor Node Kit.

Raspberry Pi - Preparing The Sd Card - Install The Os

Preparing The SD Card for Raspberry PI OS.

How To Make A "smart" Trash Can | Arduino Tutorial

In this project, I will teach you how to make a somewhat smart trash can using the Arduino!

Remote Control a Servo using Netduino and Xamarin!

Get familiar with Maple, a RESTful web server running on network capable Netduinos and control a servo remotely with a Xamarin app!

Horus: The Weather Station

A Raspberry Pi-based weather station that measures temperature, humidity and pressure using the Astro Pi Sense HAT and uploads the data.

Smart Mirror (with Optional Alexa)

A low cost and easy to build smart mirror with off the shelf parts.

Home Automation Lamp

A simple build of a sleeping room lamp which can wake you up with an artificial sunrise.

Coffee Bird!

Simply ask the Coffee Bird if there is fresh coffee and avoid disappointment or deep depression when encountering an empty pot of coffee!!!

Smoke And Gas Detection Using Mq-2 Sensor And Piezo Buzzer

This sensor is used to monitor gas leakage in your home or work place, and it beeps the buzzer whenever leakage is detected.

Connect Jetbrains Pycharm To Raspberry Pi

Let's be honest, this is the 21st century. We use IDEs for almost everything. I'll explain how to hook PyCharm up to the Raspberry Pi.

Netduino Pulse-Width-Modulation LED Project

Try Netduino.Foundation, a powerful platform to build connected things quickly and easily with the.NetMicroFramework and Netduino.

Reading Acceleration Sensor With Zerynth

In this tutorial we'll see how to read data from an acceleration sensor using Zerynth.

Get Data From Weather Sensor Using Python On Microcontroller

In this tutorial we'll see how to read temperaure and humidity data from a weather sensor using Zerynth.

How To Read An Analog Sensor With Zerynth (python For Iot)

In this tutorial we'll see how to read data from a light analog sensor and print them to the serial monitor in a visual way.

Version 2.0 Advanced Attendance System (Without Ethernet)

Full Fledged Attendance system which will prompt a free message on user mobile when his attendance will be marked using RFID Tag.