Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a NODE Mini Server

If you’ve ever tried hooking up a hard disk drive to your Raspberry Pi, you’ll be familiar with the mess it can create. Both devices need a power supply; then there’s the USB cable from the drive to the Pi. Perhaps you tried using an external HDD housing; perhaps you prefer something more bespoke, like the Western Digital WDLabs PiDrive.

UDOO BOLT Gaming Capabilities: UDOO BOLT Ryzen-powered Board Handles PS3, Wii Emulation

UDOO makes superb single-board computer (SBC) options which provide alternatives to the Raspberry Pi. The UDOO BOLT, a crowdfunded mini computer, packs a major performance gain with its AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000. While it's suitable for a variety of maker projects, UDOO BOLT gaming stands out. While many development boards provide gaming capabilities, from the Raspberry Pi to the Odroid XU4, the UDOO BOLT trounces the competition. 

AR Projection Lamp with Raspberry Pi and Android Things

Here’s a lovely bit of awesome to get you in the mood for one of the most interesting Raspberry Pi build videos you’ll see for a long time.

Party with this Arduino-Based Shot Dispenser

Among the many amazing projects for an Arduino, this might just be the most useful. After all, who can argue with a machine that dispenses shots of your favorite tipple?

Disney’s Animal-Inspired Modular Snapbot Hints at the Future of Robotics

Described as a “reconfigurable legged robot”, the Snapbot is a stunning development from the Disney Research team, a group whose purpose it is to inject scientific and technological innovation across the entire Walt Disney Company, movies, toys, and theme park rides alike.

Time your Drones with an Awesome 3D-Printed Arduino-Powered Landing Pad!

Ever fancied giving your quadcopter drone a cool landing area, or wanted to time its progress running circuits around your garden? Sure, a stopwatch is one option, but if you're busy controlling the drone you’re not going to be able to get an accurate timing.

Raspberry FPV Robot Security Drone

Being small, and compatible with a range of cameras (such as its own camera module and many USB webcams), the Raspberry Pi makes a great security cam. You may have already seen it in action performing just this task, or have tried out some motion-detection software.

A YouTube Media Remote Powered by Arduino!

Ever used a wireless remote keyboard – one of those typically intended for media centres – and decided the buttons were too small or found the touchpad too temperamental?

How Android Things Can Develop Your IoT Project

Realising your dreams has always been tricky, but if you’re dreaming up something techy, it’s getting easier. You’ve got the Raspberry Pi, and Python, for example, or an Arduino and C++.

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper. Some are even as cheap as £99 (101 Hero), but with this level of cost-cutting, something has to give and, generally, it is in the parts that are used. So when I saw the Anet A8 on Gearbest for £118 delivered, I thought “Is this another cheap, low quality printer?”

An Arduino-Controlled BB8 with 3D Printed Parts!

Everyone loves Star Wars, and its robots – and their design – hold a particular fascination. When The Force Awakens hit cinemas in 2015, the realisation of astromech droid BB8 set tongues wagging and brains ticking over.

15 Awesome Raspberry Pi cases

Do you fancy jazzing up your Raspberry Pi? Check out our top 15 Pi cases in our latest roundup!

Amazing Raspberry Pi-Powered LED Cube!

It isn’t every day that something comes along and totally blows us away, but this LED cube, complete with a gyro-based fluid “simulation” certainly does.

Create a 3D Printed Drawing Robot with Arduino!

Everyone likes to doodle, but few of us can draw well. Straight lines, in particular, can be difficult to master. Technical drawings and designs usually require a ruler and protractor, as well as a set square.

An artificially intelligent tea maker you can control using SMS

Building an artificially intelligent tea maker that would make Guy Martin the perfect cup of tea based on how he was feeling on that day.

It's Easy to Build a 3D Printed Arduino Controlled Spiderbot

The concept is simple: you take an Arduino, some servos, and a 3D printer, and you build a spider-like robot (commonly known as a spiderbot).