Kano Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit Review: Make Coding for Kids Magical

The Kano Harry Potter coding kit makes fundamental coding for kids accessible and fun.

Party with this Arduino-Based Shot Dispenser

Among the many amazing projects for an Arduino, this might just be the most useful. After all, who can argue with a machine that dispenses shots of your favorite tipple?

Let Your Robot Make the Cakes!

Disclaimer: in this writer’s opinion, there is no way a mechanically made cake can taste quite as good as one made by hand.

Mugsy, the Robot Coffee Maker

Did you have coffee this morning? Did you make it yourself, struggling with the kettle and CoffeeMate? Perhaps you own a Tassimo or similar cartridge-based coffee machine?

Secret Cola Bottle Spycam

Is someone snooping on your stuff? Want to protect yourself from people’s mischief? Big camera on the wall far too obvious to catch a perpetrator in the act?

An artificially intelligent tea maker you can control using SMS

Building an artificially intelligent tea maker that would make Guy Martin the perfect cup of tea based on how he was feeling on that day.