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Build Your Own Arduino Keyboard Synth!

Like the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino is one of those tools that has immense potential but can end up being put away in a box and forgotten about. Well, now it’s time to open that box again: this project is the perfect way to start getting to grips with Arduino once more.

OpenAuto Turns Your Raspberry Pi into a Carputer

Want to install a Raspberry Pi into your car and use it to access satnav, in-car entertainment, and more? It’s possible! Since its release, the Raspberry Pi has been at the heart of many carputer projects, so what makes OpenAuto different?

Steam Link Streaming Arcade (with a Raspberry Pi?)

Playing video games on custom-configured hardware is becoming increasingly popular, with the Raspberry Pi proving particularly adept as the heart of a retro gaming machine. Sticking the compact computer into your self-built gaming cabinet is probably the easiest step.

And Now.... A Guitar that Plays Itself!

It’s 61 years since the production of the RCA Mark II Sound Synthesizer, an instrument dubbed “the first programmable electronic synthesizer.” It’s essentially the first device to feature automated playback; it can play itself.

Hear The Cranberries' Hit “Zombie” on Arduino and Disk Drives!

“In tribute to Dolores O'Riordan, the Asimov Club presents ‘Zombie’ from The Cranberries played on floppy drives, hard drives and now with percussion (solenoid).”

Join ElectroMaker at the Meety Pi Club for the Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Weekend!

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Raspberry Pi. To celebrate, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is coordinating Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Weekends all around the world – and ElectroMaker is getting in on the act!

Raspberry Shake: A Pi-Powered Earthquake Detector

It’s always great to see a successful Kickstarter project, but let’s hope the Earth didn’t move too much for the Raspberry Shake team, whose earthquake detector is now available to purchase.

Build Your Own Dot Matrix Printer with an Arduino!

Back in the days of 8-bit and 16-bit computing, office (and home, if you could afford it) printing relied not on inkjet and laser printers, but on dot matrix.

What We Saw at the CRL Accelerator Demo Day

Ever wondered how tech startups find money? What puts a kid with a Raspberry Pi, a great idea, and a working prototype in touch with investors and partners?