Raspberry Pi and Arduino Revive Old Doctor Who K9 Prop

Ever wondered what happened to the Doctor’s robot companion, K9? The Time Lord’s best friend has made a handful of appearances in Doctor Who’s 21st century revival, but since 2010 he’s been notable by his absence on screen … (we’ll ignore the fact he was redesigned and given his own TV show.)

A Solar Powered Squirrelhouse

Whether you live in the countryside or a suburban part of town near a park or fields, there is a good chance that there’s some wildlife nearby. While birds, foxes, squirrels and other creatures are bolder than ever when it comes to living in proximity to the grinding gears of progress, it can still be difficult to see them up close.

Something Fishy about Alexa…?

The Billy Bass wall display was a perennial feature in bars and restaurants (and a few home-built bars and domestic snugs) throughout the nineties and noughties.

Take Your Raspberry Pi Out on the Trail

Want to take your Raspberry Pi outside? Of course you do. Thanks to increasingly smaller rechargeable batteries, and shock-proof and waterproof cases, it’s becoming easier. But what should you do with it once you’ve broken free of the shackles of indoor life?