Raspberry Pi Programming Popularity Thrives: Pi Remains Perfect Programming SBC

While many of the most popular Raspberry Pi projects may seemingly be entry-level maker projects, it's a nifty board for more advanced creations. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi delivers superb hardware for more advanced work. For instance, you can create robotics, and even make neat gadgets like this Twitter-controlled bubble machine with a Raspberry Pi Zero. One area where the Raspberry Pi benefits many users: programming. Learn why programming on the Raspberry Pi is incredibly popular!

Raspberry Pi Programming

A $5 computer is helping to create the coders of the future from CNBC.

Getting started with programming on the Raspberry Pi is simple. Because Raspbian, a Linux distribution (distro) specifically engineered for the Raspberry Pi includes several built-in programming resources including Python. There's also "Minecraft" for the Raspberry Pi which can teach programming foundations in a fun manner. 

According Eben Upton, roughly 50% of Raspberry Pi boards sold are used in industrial applications. As one Twitter user quipped, "the other half are running RetroPie." Here at Electromaker, we appreciate everything from RetroPie projects to industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 

As CNBC reveals, the Raspberry Pi brings a powerful, especially for its affordable price, bit of hardware to users. Using a Raspberry Pi you can create a cheap Linux-based desktop and begin programming easily. This affords an opportunity to learn about both hardware and software, therefore gaining a fuller understanding of PC architecture. Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Philip Colligan revealed to CNBC in a interview that, "The original mission of Raspberry PI was to create a device that would help young people learn how to program. But what we've actually done is created a computer that is used in industry, it's used by hobbyists and grown-ups, but it's also used all over the world in education."

Programming on the Raspberry Pi: Final Thoughts

Raspberry Pi programming for beginners is intuitive and since many programming languages and tools are free to use, you can get started pretty cheap. Therein lies the beauty of the Raspberry Pi: It's affordable yet usable. On the shelf in my maker space (read: half of my bedroom), I have two Raspberry Pis: a Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 B+. However, the Raspberry Pi may stand as the most popular SBC, but it's far from the only option. There are loads of Raspberry Pi alternatives including the Odroid XU4, a favorite of mine. 

What are you using your Raspberry Pi for?

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