Rockchip’s Budget RK3588S Is Now Available as a Single Board Computer

A new Single Board Computer (SBC) has appeared on the Firefly website featuring Rockchip's RK3588S System on Chip (SoC). The Firefly ROC-RK3588S-PC is an "8-Core 8K AI Mainboard" that comes with up to 32GB RAM and 128 eMMC flash, NVMe storage support, and multiple display options.


At 90 x 60 mm it's a little larger than a Raspberry Pi, but is far better suited for vision and AI tasks (not to mention it'll probably be way more available). While the board is still under development, the full specifications are available on the Firefly website. The obvious notable features here are the 8k video decoding at up to 60fps, and the inclusion of a 6 TOPS Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The 3.5mm jack acts as both input and output, though there is also a two pin header for a microphone too.

Android 12, Ubuntu, Buildroot, Debian11 and RTLinux will be officially supported operating systems, though as always you can expect other environments to be ported to the hardware if it proves popular enough!

There's no price or expected release date as yet, but it does already have a product page on the Firefly website.

Another Powerful Rockchip SBC?

This isn't the first time we've covered Rockchip powered SBCs on this site, including the Jetson Nano worrying Toybrick RK3399Pro, and how to use the RockPro64 as a Plex media player. It's made its way onto pretty much every list of SBCs we've made, and with good reason!

Adding a slightly less featured but almost as powerful board to the Rockchip roster is a good move currently, with developers desperately looking for an affordable platform that will be in stock. Time will tell how much this board get's picked up by both hobbyists and professionals!

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