Discover the Beagle 5 Fire - Bridging RISC-V and FPGA in One SBC

Introducing the Beagle 5 Fire: A Breakthrough in SBC Technology

The tech world is abuzz with the latest release from Beagle Board, the Beagle 5 Fire. This new single board computer (SBC) is a game-changer in the field, integrating RISC-V and FPGA technologies in a Linux-run system. Ideal for developers interested in RISC-V and FPGA, the Beagle 5 Fire offers a unique opportunity to explore these technologies at an affordable price. Makes FPGA and RISC-V Accessible
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Key Features and Specifications

At the heart of the Beagle 5 Fire lies the Microchip Polar Fire chip, featuring a RISC-V CPU with four 64-bit application cores and a monitor boot core. Notably, it's paired with an FPGA, making it a versatile choice for various applications. The board also boasts 2 GB of RAM, a 16 GB eMMC, Ethernet connectivity, and M2 E key support for Wi-Fi addition.


Connectivity options are robust, including a USB Type-C connection, Serial Wire Debug, and a MicroSD slot. Priced at an incredible $150, the Beagle 5 Fire is positioned as a highly accessible yet powerful tool for developers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Exploring the Potential of Beagle 5 Fire

Beagle Board has been a significant player in the SBC market, alongside Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Known for their innovative approaches, such as using a browser as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Beagle Board continues to push the boundaries with the Beagle 5 Fire.

Although not designed for general day-to-day use like a Raspberry Pi, the Beagle 5 Fire is perfect for specific development needs. It opens new avenues for learning and experimenting with RISC-V and FPGA technologies. The board's Linux compatibility adds to its appeal, offering a familiar environment for many developers.

Beagle 5 Fire - Support and Community

The Beagle Board community is an invaluable resource for users, offering support and knowledge sharing. For more information on the Beagle 5 Fire, visit the Beagle Board website and delve into the wealth of resources available, including detailed discussions by experts in the field.

Should you get excited by the Beagle 5 Fire?

The Beagle 5 Fire represents a significant step forward in SBC technology, offering unparalleled access to RISC-V and FPGA at an affordable price. Its release underscores Beagle Board's commitment to innovation and community-driven development. For those keen on exploring the potential of these technologies, the Beagle 5 Fire is an essential tool.

For further information, please visit the Beagleboard website. 

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