Debian Stretch With Pixel for PCs and Macs Released, Raspbian Stretch Updated

The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-popular single-board computer (SBC). With plentiful Raspberry Pi operating system (OS) options, there's plenty of choice, from Linux desktop distributions (distros) to Chromium OS, retro gaming environments, and smart home suites. Raspbian, a Debian-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi, remains a top choice. On June 29, 2018, The Raspberry Pi Foundation released the latest Raspbian Stretch image for the Raspberry Pi alongside its Debian Stretch image featuring the PIXEL desktop environment for PCs and macOS devices. 

Debian With Raspberry Pi Desktop: Debian Stretch + PIXEL

In 2017, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released an iteration of Debian complete with the PIXEL desktop environment. PIXEL, which stands for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, replaced LXDE as the default desktop environment in Raspbian. As an experiment, a Debian x86 image featuring PIXEL dropped. Due to its massive popularity, the Raspberry Pi Foundation dropped a Debian Stretch version of its Debian+PIEX for x86 platforms. However, it's important to note that while this operating system comes via the Raspberry Pi Foundation, it's a Debian PIXEL for PC and Debian PIXEL macOS iteration, not for ARM devices. Still, for Debian and PIXEL, users now benefit from Stretch, an upgrade over Debian Jessie. 

Raspbian Stretch Image Update

Simultaneously, there's a new Raspbian Stretch image available. Largely, the Raspbian Stretch update brings bug fixes. However, there's a revamped Raspbian Stretch file manager. You'll find fewer menu options for simplified file management. 

Additionally, there's a first-boot set up wizard, recommended software installation element, and a refreshed PDF viewer. Plus, you can rename files by selecting the icon to highlight the file, then clicking on its name. Ultimately, changes to Raspbian Stretch are minimal though appreciated since there's continued development on one of the most popular Raspberry Pi OS options available. A Debian Stretch with Pixel for PCs and macOS devices stands as the most substantial of the two announcements. 

Will you adopt Debian Stretch for desktops and laptops? What OS do you run on your Raspberry Pi?

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