UDOO BOLT Gaming Capabilities: UDOO BOLT Ryzen-powered Board Handles PS3, Wii Emulation

UDOO makes superb single-board computer (SBC) options which provide alternatives to the Raspberry Pi. The UDOO BOLT, a crowdfunded mini computer, packs a major performance gain with its AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000. While it's suitable for a variety of maker projects, UDOO BOLT gaming stands out. While many development boards provide gaming capabilities, from the Raspberry Pi to the Odroid XU4, the UDOO BOLT trounces the competition. 


The UDOO BOLT serves up impressive specs. At its core, the BOLT uses an AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 which is roughly as powerful as an Nvidia GTX 950M. There's footage of the UDOO BOLT running the likes of "Fortnite" and "Grand Theft Auto V" on 1080p. It's available in two iterations. The UDOO BOLT V8 rocks Vega 8 graphics, while the UDOO BOLT V3 touts AMD Vega 3 graphics.

Since retro gaming is extremely popular and feasible thanks to the likes of Lakka, RetroPie, and Recalbox, UDOO BOLT gaming will likely test its emulation mettle. Footage surfaced recently of the UDOO BOLT V8 playing titles including "Persona 4," "Scott Pilgrim," and "Super Smash Bros." Modder Nintendrew created a Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition with a 3D printer and an UP Squared SBC. However, GameCube emulation proved sporadic. In part, this could be software related, but the UP Squared is nowhere near as powerful as the UDOO BOLT.

It's tough for most development boards to emulate even Nintendo 64, PlayStation Portable, and Dreamcast titles much less Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. But the UDOO BOLT is slated to change that. 

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UDOO BOLT Ryzen-powered Dev Board

With its Linux and Windows compatibility, the UDOO BOLT is poised to dominate the single-board computer space. While it's just shy of $300, and well over the price of a Raspbperry Pi, the BOLT provides a performance jolt.

Beyond gaming, the UDOO BOLT offers a beefy board ideal for hardcore makers. Though it's more expensive than the likes of the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Odroid XU4, the BOLT is well worth its cost. Moreover, it's target at hardcore makers, not the average user. Essentially, the UDOO BOLT is the foundation of a mid-range desktop. Just add an operating system and case. 

Check out the UDOO BOLT Kickstarter page for more details! Will you be getting a UDOO BOLT?

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