Raspberry Pi Zelda Triforce Mod Created

Hey listen! The Raspberry Pi boasts an impressive number of cases, both official and unofficial. However, one of the most legendary Raspberry Pi case DIY (do-it-yourself) mods dropped. This Zelda case mod complete with a levitating triforce is truly impressive, and the perfect RetroPie companion. 

Raspberry Pi Zelda Case

Modder MakoMod created this gorgeous Zelda DIY Raspberry Pi case, and it's ridiculously detailed. Comprised of wood and metal, with Zelda artwork engraved on its sides, it's a piece of art as much as a game console. Dubbed the Magic Berry, this Zelda case mod features a Raspberry Pi within its walls running RetroPie. Two matching controllers come along with the console. 

The highlight feature is a "magically" levitating Triforce. Adding a similar touch to your own case mod is feasible with a magnetic levitation platform. Feeling inspired? You can totally make your own Zelda Raspberry Pi console. Or, if you've got several hundred dollars to spare, you can always buy the Magic Berry Zelda Raspberry Pi case

If you'd prefer to go the DIY route, RetroPie is simple to install on a Raspberry Pi as either a standalone image, or within Raspbian, Ubuntu, or Debian. Alternatively, you may install RetroPie on the Odroid XU4, XU3, Odroid C1 or C2, as well as any x86 PC running Debian or Ubuntu Linux. For a single-board computer (SBC) such as the Pi or Odroid XU4, you can purchase tons of cases. Alternatively, you may 3D print your own case. Regardless, there are loads of choices. 

Legend of Zelda Raspberry Pi Case With Levitating Triforce: Final Thoughts

Major props to MakoMod for creating one of the coolest Raspberry Pi cases we've seen. It's functional, fashionable, and looks at home in a museum as much as nestled in your entertainment center. The beauty of the maker space, and hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, is the creativity it fosters. Clever modders such as MakoMod are more than capable of spawning neat projects which users will shell out decent money to purchase. In turn, this is bound to inspire more makers to debut their own Zelda-influenced pieces. 

Your turn: What are the best Raspberry Pi cases you've seen? 

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