SuperPi RetroFlag Cases Announced: Two Raspberry Pi SNES Cases Revealed

The Raspberry Pi is arguably the most popular single-board computer (SBC) on the market. Largely, the Pi reigns supreme despite numerous Raspberry Pi alternatives because of fantastic software and hardware support. Notably, there are countless Raspberry Pi case options available. One of my favorite cases is the NESPi enclosure from RetroFlag. As the name suggests, its a NES shell for the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to create your own do-it-yourself NES Classic Mini. Now, RetroFlag plans to offer two Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) cases in the SuperPi!

RetroFlag to Debut Two Raspberry Pi SNES Cases

When I first discovered the NESPi by RetroFlag, I was sold. The NES replica case for the Raspberry Pi features working power and reset buttons on the front, a front-loading NES style design which houses an ethernet port and two USB ports. It's a fashionable, functional Raspberry Pi case which transformed my Pi into a DIY NES Mini. Just add RetroPie, Recalbox, or Lakka to make your own retro arcade. As NeoZone reports, the SuperPi case deluxe edition consoles from RetroFlag will come in two variants: There's the European/Japanese console case, and US version as well. Bundled with each case will be USB controllers that match each console.

With the classic top loader design, these RetroFlag SuperPi cases provide microSD card storage in the cartridge slot area. That's one of my favorite features of the NESPi: on the bottom of the case, there's a slot for holding microSD cards. Similarly, like the NESPi, both SuperPi cases will come with working power and reset buttons. That's a fantastic touch which makes these premium Raspberry Pi case options. Coupled with microSD card storage and matching USB controllers, these will be excellent cases, and well worth picking up for any Raspberry Pi RetroPie, Recalbox, Lakka, or home theatre PC (HTPC) build. 

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Raspberry Pi SNES Cases: Final Thoughts

Currently, there are loads of Raspberry Pi cases for all occasions. While RetroFlag's deluxe SuperPi cases are bound to be premium Raspberry Pi enclosures, Kintaro's Super Kuma 9000 SNES Pi case is a worthy choice as well with its aluminum heatsink and functioning power and reset buttons.

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