RS Components Launches Second Comedy Podcast Series

RS Components has debuted its second comedy podcast series with witty tech trends and commentary.

Best ASUS Tinker Board OS Options

The single-board computer (SBC) space is heavily populated. While the Raspberry Pi generally benefits from the most attention, there are plenty of Raspberry Pi alternatives. The Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC, Orange Prime Pi, and UDOO x86 are all solid competitors. The ASUS Tinker Board is an excellent SBC which boasts powerful performance, decent community support, and tons of project ideas. You can run a bevy of operating systems (OSes) on the nifty development board. Check out the best ASUS Tinker Board OS options!

Arduino-powered Edison Bulb clock

One of the most popular types of DIY build are those in the steampunk style, where archaic technology is given a modern-day refresh, or modern ideas are styled in the trappings of 19th and early 20th century materials.

Build to the Beat with a Compact Teensy Drum Machine

The old joke goes something like this: “What’s the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? You only have to punch the information into the drum machine once.”

Maker Creates Raspberry Pi Synthesizer With Innovative Touch Control

The Raspberry Pi is a functional development board. This single-board computer (SBC) provides loads of functionality for anything from a low-powered home theatre PC (HTPC) to advanced robotics. Jaewon "J. One" Choi, a talented maker from South Korea, created a fantastic Raspberry Pi synthesizer. Plus, it's capable of being used by anyone with hearing impairments. 

Retro-Styled GTA Radio Powered by Raspberry Pi

A video gaming behemoth that has relied on controversy since its early days, the Grand Theft Auto series nevertheless has more to it than ‘steal cars and shoot’.

Astonishing Google NSynth Device Built on Raspberry Pi

Looking for a totally new sound? You may have just found it. A couple of Google projects have collaborated to produce the NSynth Super, a Raspberry Pi-powered device that uses what has been coined “neural audio synthesis” to analyse the sonic characteristics of source inputs to create entirely new musical voices.

Control a Glockenspiel with Sonic Pi and Lego!

Perhaps the glockenspiel isn’t the first instrument you think of when it comes to electronic music, but thanks to the wonderful Sonic Pi software, that might be about to change...

Get Awesome Sounds with the Pedal-Pi Programmable Guitar Pedal

Increasingly, guitar pedals come with programmable FX that can be saved. With this development comes an opportunity. Couldn’t you just build your own?

Build a MIDI/FX Controller for Your Guitar with UDOO X86

The first guitar I ever picked up was a guitar synthesizer, with onboard MIDI. Despite a lack of amplification, it inspired me to learn the instrument; 30 years later, I’m still playing!

A Children’s Contactless Music Box for the 21st Century

Various toys have been released for children over recent years that feature contactless technology to initiate a response. This might be character voices, music, or even actions (in the case of an activity centre). With this project, the focus is on audio playback and replicating the MusicCards project.

Connect an Arduino to Otto’s DIY Eurorack Prototype Boards

Otto's DIY makes learning and experimenting easier and more accessible. Building eurorack modules is a great way to learn electronics, get creative and have fun.

Build Your Own Arduino Keyboard Synth!

Like the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino is one of those tools that has immense potential but can end up being put away in a box and forgotten about. Well, now it’s time to open that box again: this project is the perfect way to start getting to grips with Arduino once more.

And Now.... A Guitar that Plays Itself!

It’s 61 years since the production of the RCA Mark II Sound Synthesizer, an instrument dubbed “the first programmable electronic synthesizer.” It’s essentially the first device to feature automated playback; it can play itself.

Hear The Cranberries' Hit “Zombie” on Arduino and Disk Drives!

“In tribute to Dolores O'Riordan, the Asimov Club presents ‘Zombie’ from The Cranberries played on floppy drives, hard drives and now with percussion (solenoid).”

What We Saw at the CRL Accelerator Demo Day

Ever wondered how tech startups find money? What puts a kid with a Raspberry Pi, a great idea, and a working prototype in touch with investors and partners?

4 Amazing Raspberry Pi Synthesizer Projects

We’ve found these four Raspberry Pi synthesizer projects that will amaze you.

What Would YOU Do with a BBC micro:bit?

Launched in 2016, the BBC micro:bit is the 21st century successor to the BBC Micro desktop computer, a favourite across schools in the 1980s, and the inspiration for many careers in computing!
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