An FPGA Based Triple Digital Oscillator And Frequency Modulation Toolkit!

The Three Body by Schlappi Engineering is a groundbreaking FPGA-driven tool that offers high precision and flexibility for both music production and electronic projects. This tool combines digital precision with an analog interface, providing users with a unique experience that blends the best of both worlds.

The FPGA technology ensures that the Three Body delivers exceptional performance, making it ideal for applications such as FM synthesis and phase modulation. This piece of kit is not only a powerful tool for sound design but also a versatile component for various electronic applications. Check out the demo video below:

Three Body - Development Process

The development of the Three Body involved a meticulous bare-metal approach to ensure high precision and flexibility. Eric from Schlappi Engineering shared insights into the development process, highlighting the importance of combining digital accuracy with an analog-style interface. This approach allows for a more intuitive user experience, with knobs, switches, and multiple inputs/outputs that are typical of analog devices.

One of the key challenges in developing the Three Body was ensuring that it could maintain the feel of an analog device while leveraging the precision of digital technology. This was achieved through careful design and innovative use of FPGA technology, which allowed for precise control over various parameters and functions.

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Three Body - Applications

The Three Body is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. In the world of music production, it excels in FM synthesis and phase modulation, providing users with a powerful tool for creating complex and rich sounds. The sensor's precise control over ratios and modulation makes it ideal for both pitch and rhythm applications, offering unparalleled flexibility in sound design.

Beyond music production, the Three Body can also be used in various electronic projects. Its high precision and flexible design make it a valuable component for engineers and hobbyists working on cutting-edge electronic applications.

Three Body An FPGA Based Triple Digital Oscillator And Frequency Modulation Toolkit 2

Three Body - Analog Feel in Digital Design

One of the standout features of the Three Body is its ability to maintain an analog feel while offering the precision of digital technology. This is achieved through a user-friendly interface that includes knobs and switches for each function, as well as multiple inputs and outputs. This design ensures that users can easily interact with the sensor and make real-time adjustments to their projects.

The analog-style interface is complemented by the sensor's digital precision, which allows for precise control over various parameters. This combination of analog feel and digital accuracy makes the Three Body a unique and powerful tool for both music production and electronic applications.


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