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The Ubo Pod is a versatile device that integrates a Raspberry Pi, offering advanced smart home functionalities and interactive AI capabilities. The Ubo Pod aims to simplify the user experience, providing a polished interface for both tech-savvy users and those with limited technical knowledge. We chatted to Mehrdad Majzoobi at the Crowd Supply Teardown 2024 event about his amazing Raspberry Pi development platform. Check out the interview and demo below:

Introducing the Ubo Pod!

Meet Mehrdad, the innovative developer behind the Ubo Pod. Driven by a desire to simplify user interfaces for Raspberry Pi projects, Mehrdad has created a device that addresses common frustrations encountered by makers and developers.

Ubot Pod

The Ubo Pod boasts several impressive features:

  • Raspberry Pi Integration: Central to its operation, the Ubo Pod leverages the power and versatility of Raspberry Pi.
  • Smart Home and Interactive AI Capabilities: The device incorporates advanced functionalities, allowing it to serve as a smart home hub and an interactive AI assistant.
  • Aesthetic Design: With its sleek and polished appearance, the Ubo Pod is designed to be both functional and visually appealing.

Ubo Pod - Origin and Purpose

Mehrdad developed the Ubo Pod out of his personal frustration with creating user interfaces for Raspberry Pi projects. Each project presented challenges in building an intuitive interface, making it difficult for non-technical users to operate effectively.

The primary objective of the Ubo Pod is to simplify the user experience, enabling end users to utilize Raspberry Pi applications without requiring technical knowledge. This led to the development of a polished, user-friendly interface that bridges the gap between complex technology and everyday usability.

ubo pod top down view

Features of Ubo Pod

The Ubo Pod is equipped with a variety of user interfaces designed to enhance usability and interaction.

  • Graphical User Interface: Provides an intuitive and visually appealing way for users to interact with the device.
  • LED Ring, Audio Speakers, and Microphones: These components enable voice interactions, making it easier for users to control and communicate with the Ubo Pod.
  • Popular Raspberry Pi Applications: The Ubo Pod can run applications such as Home Assistant, transforming it into a smart home hub.
  • Easy Installation: Applications can be installed with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for technical knowledge or terminal commands.

Ubo Pod - Enhancing User Interaction

The Ubo Pod significantly enhances user interaction through the incorporation of both conversational AI and vision AI technologies. These features provide more intuitive ways for users to engage with the device.

  • Conversational AI: Enables voice interaction, allowing users to control and communicate with the Ubo Pod using natural language.
  • Vision AI Integration: The device can be paired with a Google Coral AI accelerator, enabling advanced vision applications such as processing camera streams.
  • Customizable Development Platform: The open-source nature of the Ubo Pod allows developers to customize and implement unique applications, leveraging its built-in audio, microphone, and other peripherals.

ubo pod case

Ubo Pod - Open Source and Developer Friendly

The Ubo Pod is designed with an open-source ethos, providing developers with the freedom to customize and extend its functionality. This openness is complemented by a range of example applications and detailed tutorials, making it easier for users to adapt the device to their specific needs.

Developers are encouraged to create and deploy their applications, utilizing the Ubo Pod’s built-in peripherals such as audio, microphone, and visual components. This flexibility ensures that the Ubo Pod can be tailored to a wide variety of innovative uses.

ubo pod

Ubo Pod - Availability and Pre-launch Information

The Ubo Pod is currently in its pre-launch phase on Crowd Supply. Prospective users are encouraged to visit the pre-launch section of Crowd Supply's website to learn more about the product and its upcoming campaign.

To stay informed about the official launch, users should sign up for notifications by entering their email addresses on the pre-launch page. Early sign-up provides the benefit of receiving timely updates and ensuring the opportunity to be among the first to pre-purchase the Ubo Pod when it becomes available.

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