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Traditional power delivery systems often come with set voltage and current outputs, leading to frustration for users needing more flexibility. Pocket PD addresses these issues by providing high-resolution voltage outputs and customizable current limits.


PocketPD - USB-C Portable Bench Power Supply

The inspiration behind Pocket PD stemmed from the common frustrations associated with traditional power delivery systems. Users often found themselves constrained by fixed voltage and current outputs, which limited their flexibility and control. This need for a more adaptable solution led to the development of Pocket PD, aimed at providing a user-friendly, high-resolution power delivery tool.


Pocket PD's journey began with the creation of the first version, Poopd, designed for Raspberry Pi. This initial prototype served as a proof of concept, demonstrating the feasibility of adjustable power delivery. Through rigorous testing and iterative improvements, the team enhanced the device's capabilities, eventually integrating both voltage and current control into a single, compact unit. This evolution resulted in a versatile and efficient power delivery solution that meets the diverse needs of makers and electronics enthusiasts.

Pocket PD

Features of Pocket PD

Pocket PD empowers users with the ability to achieve precise voltage settings using a standard power brick. This high-resolution control allows for fine-tuning of voltage outputs, catering to specific project requirements and enhancing the overall flexibility of power delivery.

The device also enables users to set specific current limits, significantly improving the usability and safety of power delivery. By customizing current outputs, users can ensure that their devices receive the appropriate amount of power without the risk of overloading or damage.

One of the standout features of Pocket PD is the integration of both voltage and current control into a single device. This combination makes it incredibly versatile and user-friendly, providing comprehensive control over power delivery in one compact unit.

Practical Demonstration

One practical use case for Pocket PD is charging a LiPo battery that requires specific voltage and current settings. Typically, such batteries need a dedicated charger, but Pocket PD simplifies this process using a regular power bank.

Pocket PD

Pocket PD Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to use Pocket PD for charging a LiPo battery:

  • Connect your Pocket PD to a 100-watt power brick.
  • Power on the Pocket PD and wait for the boot screen to display.
  • Select the desired voltage setting by turning the control dial. For instance, set it to 14.32V for a LiPo battery.
  • Set the current limit by pressing the dial and adjusting the current to the required level.
  • Connect the LiPo battery to Pocket PD and monitor the charging process on the display.
  • The built-in protection mechanisms will ensure safe charging, cutting off power in case of any faults.

This process highlights Pocket PD's ability to provide precise and safe power delivery, making it an invaluable tool for makers.

Pocket PD Advanced Features

Pocket PD is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure secure operation. It prevents backfeed current, protecting both the power source and connected devices. Additionally, it includes an immediate cut-off feature that activates during short circuits, preventing potential damage and ensuring user safety.

The user interface of Pocket PD is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features a straightforward control dial for adjusting voltage and current settings, with clear on-screen displays showing real-time information. This intuitive interface allows users to quickly and accurately set their desired power delivery parameters.

Pocket PD Market Availability

As of now, Pocket PD is not yet available on Tindy or other platforms. However, its release is anticipated soon, providing users with a versatile and reliable power delivery solution.

The team behind Pocket PD plans to launch the product on various online platforms, including Tindie and Crowd Supply. Interested users can stay updated by following Pocket PD on these platforms or subscribing to newsletters for the latest information on availability and launch dates.

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