E-ink Low Latency and High Refresh Rates! - Introducing the Modos E-paper Monitor

eInk displays have long been a fascinating technology for DIY projects, but they often come with challenges such as low refresh rates and compatibility issues. Modos aims to overcome these hurdles, providing a versatile, high-resolution solution that works seamlessly with a wide range of eInk displays, both new and legacy.

During the Crowd Supply Teardown 2024 event, a live demonstration showcased the Modos Paper Monitor in action! The demo highlighted the display controller's impressive quick refresh rate, allowing for smooth transitions and minimal lag. The high resolution was evident, providing clear and detailed visuals. Additionally, the demo underscored the monitor's broad compatibility with various eInk displays, emphasizing its versatility and practical applications for different user needs. Check out the demo below:

Modos E-Paper Monitor - High Resolution and Compatibility

The Modos display boasts an impressive high resolution, making visuals crisp and clear. Its broad compatibility extends to both current and legacy eInk displays, ensuring users can utilize a wide range of screens without compatibility issues.

One of the standout features of the Modos display is its high refresh rate, which minimizes lag and enhances user experience. Additionally, the display supports multiple grayscale modes, offering flexibility for different use cases. These advancements are made possible by a custom display controller, specifically designed to optimize performance and compatibility.

Modos Paper Monitor

Modos E-Paper Monitor - should you buy it?

According to a community survey, the Modos Paper Monitor appeals to a diverse group of users. This includes individuals with visual impairments, migraines, epilepsy, and knowledge workers who spend extensive hours in front of screens. Additionally, DIY makers and tech enthusiasts find this innovative display particularly beneficial for their custom projects.

The Modos Paper Monitor offers numerous potential uses. For knowledge workers, it provides a comfortable, low-stress viewing experience. DIY makers can integrate it into various custom projects, leveraging its compatibility with a wide range of eInk displays. For individuals with visual impairments or light sensitivity, it offers a viable alternative to traditional blue-light-emitting screens.


Modos E-Ink - Behind the Technology

In an interview with Alexander Soto & Wenting Zhang (see video above), insights into the technology behind the Modos Paper Monitor were revealed. The team addressed traditional eInk limitations by developing innovative solutions to improve refresh rates and visual clarity. They implemented a custom display controller that manages these enhancements effectively.

The decision to use FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for processing was crucial. Unlike GPUs and microcontrollers, FPGAs offer precise timing control and flexibility, enabling the Modos Paper Monitor to handle high-resolution displays efficiently. This choice allows for a universal solution that is compatible with various operating systems, ensuring broad applicability and robust performance.

Modos E-Paper Monitor - Crowdfunding Campaign

The Modos Paper Monitor is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply. This campaign offers interested users an opportunity to support the project and purchase the monitor. The campaign page provides detailed information about the product, its features, and various backing options available for supporters.

For more information on the Modos Paper Monitor, visit the official website. To support the crowdfunding campaign and learn more about the project, visit the Crowd Supply campaign page at Crowd Supply.

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