Top 5 Development Tools - October 2021

Mouser offers one of the widest ranges of development kits immediately available off-the-shelf to help designers get started. Here, Mouser's Technical Marketing Manager, EMEA, Mark Patrick presents his 'Top 5 Pick' of recently released dev kits.

Easy as IoT, BLE

Panasonic ENW89857AXKF eval board

Panasonic's ENW89857AXKF evaluates the company's PAN1781 BLUETOOTH®Low Energy (LE) module that features the nRF52820 single-chip controller and is ideal for loT wireless applications. The ENW89857AXKF board features an Arduino Footprint and allows hardware access to the module pins as well as easy stacking of separate sensor test shields.

This evaluation board features a segger J-link on-board debugger, FTDI UART-USB converter, native USB interface, Arduino UNO R3 header, and offers access to all modules. The ENW89857AXKF evaluation board also features two user buttons, two user LEDs, current measurement pins, and u.FL connector. This evaluation board operates at the 1.7V to 5.5V voltage range and -40°C to 85°C temperature range.

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Analog Devices' EVAL-ADA4097-1 kit

This kit is designed to evaluate the ADA4097-1 6-lead, thin small outline transistor (TSOT), robust Over-The-Top'" precision op amp. ADA4097-1 op amps provide offset voltages of <60µV, input bias currents (IB) of <0.3nA and can operate on single or split supplies that range from 3V to 50V. The EVAL-ADA4097-1 kit is a prepopulated board using a gain of 1 configuration.

The design of the kit enables simplified and efficient use. It has edge-mounted SMA connectors on the inputs and outputs to enable efficient connection to test equipment or other circuits. Bulk test points are also incorporated
as an alternative option to be used for the inputs and outputs. The optimized Evaluation Kit ground plane, component placement, and power supply allow maximum circuit flexibility and performance.

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The kids are alright

DFRobot micro:bit V2

DFRobot's micro:bit V2 Educational and Creative Tool for kids is a powerful, pocket-sized computer that is designed to teach kids coding and solve problems using technology. micro:bit V2 is equipped with a 5x5 programmable LED
matrix, two programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, Bluetooth, touch-sensitive logo, microphone, speaker, and other electronic modules. The micro:bit V2 is powered by Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 processor, 512kBFlash and 128kBRAM memory, ST LSM303 motion sensor, and NXP KL27Z 32kB RAM interface.

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PIC your touchscreen

Mikroe Mikromedia 4 for PIC Capacitive

Mikroe Mikromedia 4 for PIC Capacitive is designed as a complete solution for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. The device features a 4.3" TFT display with a capacitive touch screen. It is driven by a powerful graphics controller that can display the 24-bit colour palette (16.7 million colours). A DSP-powered embedded sound CODEC IC represents a perfect solution for any type of multimedia application.

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Usher in PoE

Skyworks Si3404FB3V3KIT eval kit

Skyworks Solutions' Si3404FB3V3KIT 3.3V Class 3 PoE PD evaluation kit offers a reference design for a power supply in a Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) application, based on the Si3404, a highly integrated, IEEE 802.3at Type 1-compliant, PWM switching regulator.

The kit demonstrates a complete isolated 15W PoE PD system using the Si3404 PoE PD IC A single Si3404 manages the PoE interface and DC-DC conversion. The isolated flyback converter outputs up to 3.5A for a total power of 15W while using a standard, off-the-shelf transformer. The kit is also offered in 5V/2.5A and 12V/1A variants.

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