Exploring CH32V003 Development Boards: Embeetle TinyScarab and CAPUF Kits

The CH32V003 microcontroller is creating a buzz in the development community due to its affordability and versatility. This article highlights two exciting development boards designed for the CH32V003: the Embeetle TinyScarab and the CAPUF CH32V003 Dev Kit.

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Embeetle TinyScarab Development Board

The Embeetle TinyScarab is a compact and robust development board that comes in a premium hard case. Despite its small size, it features all the necessary pins for development, a user LED, and can operate at voltages ranging from 1.9V to 5V. This flexibility makes it a versatile tool for various applications.

Currently, the TinyScarab is not widely available, but interested developers can obtain it through the DevHeads IoT Integration Discord server. The community is gearing up for a second production run, and active participants in the server have opportunities to receive the board through giveaways.

CAPUF CH32V003 Dev Kit

The CAPUF CH32V003 Dev Kit, developed by CAPUF from India, offers a more feature-rich development environment. This kit includes a microphone, vibration motor, OLED screen, and USB Type-C connectivity, making it ideal for more complex projects. It integrates the programmer directly into the board, simplifying the development process.


The CAPUF Dev Kit is set to be available soon on Tindie and other platforms, making it accessible for developers looking to explore the capabilities of the CH32V003 microcontroller.

Both the Embeetle TinyScarab and CAPUF CH32V003 Dev Kit provide exciting opportunities for developers working with the CH32V003 microcontroller. These boards are set to enhance the development experience with their unique features and community support. Joining relevant communities and keeping an eye on availability updates will ensure that developers can make the most of these innovative tools.

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