Sony at Hardware Pioneers Max 2023: Unveiling the Spresense Microcontroller Board

Sony has made a significant stride in the IoT world with its new updated Spresense Microcontroller Board. This board, designed for low power consumption, is a game-changer for customers seeking efficient IoT platforms.

The Spresense Microcontroller Board comes with an ecosystem of software and a variety of extensions such as cameras, GPS chips, and LTE connectivity. The board's microcontroller is not only powerful but also equipped with features like an audio codec and image processing functions. This combination of power and efficiency makes it an ideal choice for IoT applications. You can read the full specifications on their website.

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Sony Spresense - whats new?

One of the key new features of the Sony Spresense is the GPS add-on board, a powerful, low-power chip that allows users to conduct their evaluations before embedding the product into their devices. This GPS chip, originally designed for wearables like Garmin, Polar, and Fitbit, is known for its high accuracy, low power consumption, and small size, leading to long battery life.

Spresense Extension Board and Modules

One of the standout features of this board is its low voltage (0.5v!) RF technology, enabling continuous tracking at very low power. This technology is particularly useful for tracking pets and assets, where the device needs to be light, and the battery life needs to be long.

Sony's Spresense platform also comes with a comprehensive software ecosystem. Users can leverage the Arduino development kit or Sony's own C+ embedded environment for their projects. The platform also provides numerous examples and organizes hackathons with universities, fostering a vibrant community of developers.

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To get started with Sony's Spresense Microcontroller Board, visit Sony's website and explore the ecosystem. The board and its add-ons can be purchased from the Electromaker store. Start developing today and be part of the IoT revolution!

For more information, visit Sony's website:

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