Adafruit PyGamer Review: Top Kit for MakeCode, CircuitPython & Arduino

In this episode of "Product of the Week," our Gadet Guru Robin Mitchell reviews the Pygamer starter kit from Adafruit. The Pygamer Starter Kit is a DIY kit that allows users to build their own handheld gaming console.

The kit is designed by Adafruit Industries and is based on the arm cortex M4, making it powerful enough for gaming while also being an excellent tool for learning how to code. The open-source design allows for a complete understanding of the system, and the expandability options make it easy to add different hardware components.

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The Adafruit Pygamer Starter Kit comes with a 1.8-inch color screen, a dual potentiometer stick, and four buttons (select, start, B, and A) for different interfaces. It also has five neopixels that can be used for creating colorful interactions, a light sensor that lets you detect ambient light, and a three-axis accelerometer that allows for interfacing with different types of motion. Additionally, it comes with a built-in speaker, headphone port, and a 350mAh battery for remote play.

Adafruit pygamer starter kit unboxed

In conclusion, the Adafruit Pygamer Starter Kit is a powerful and versatile DIY kit that can be used for creating your own games and controllers. It's an excellent tool for learning how to code and offers expandability options for controlling different hardware components. If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these kits, head over to the Electromaker Store, where you can find this and all the accessories you need.

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