Power Shunt and Battery Monitor Compatible With Home Assistant For Off-Grid Living!

We continue our adventure at Teardown, Crowd Supply's exciting event for hackers and makers. Among the innovative projects here, Chloe’s Flip C3 and Power Tool 500 stand out. These tools are designed to meet the needs of those working with off-grid power systems and home automation.

Chloe is a passionate maker based in Oakland, known for her innovative solutions in off-grid power systems. She developed the Flip C3 and Power Tool 500 to address the unique challenges she encountered while living in a bus with a DC power system. Her work focuses on creating versatile, user-friendly tools for home automation and power management.

Introducing the Flip C3

The Flip C3 is an ESP32 development board designed to handle a variety of power input options. It is engineered to simplify the deployment of IoT devices in DC power systems, making it a versatile tool for both hobbyists and professionals.

Chloe, who lives in an off-grid bus in Oakland, created the Flip C3 out of necessity. With 1500 watts of power and a desire to automate her home during the pandemic, she found existing solutions inadequate for DC systems. This led her to develop a board that could handle a wide range of voltages and provide reliable power for various devices.


Technical Specifications

  • Power Input Range: 12 to 48 volts
  • DC Buck Converter: 60V tolerant, provides 5V at 2A
  • Use Cases: Suitable for powering LEDs, sensors, and other devices

Introducing The Power Tool 500

The Power Tool 500 is a versatile monitoring device designed to work seamlessly with the Flip C3. It allows users to accurately track power usage and manage their off-grid systems effectively.

Technical Specifications

  • Monitors Power: Up to 500 amps peak, 300 amps continuous.
  • Direct Access: I2C devices, ADC, averaging options.

Unique Features

  • Daisy Chaining Capability: Allows multiple boards to be connected and work together.
  • Dual Polarity System: Can operate on both hot and cold sides, providing flexibility in system design.


Power Tool 500 - Practical Applications

The Flip C3 and Power Tool 500 integrate seamlessly with Home Assistant, allowing for remote monitoring and control of your off-grid power systems. This setup provides real-time data and control, enhancing the efficiency of your home automation projects.

These devices are perfect for DC systems in off-grid environments such as buses and solar-powered setups. They offer reliable power management and monitoring, making them indispensable for maintaining an efficient off-grid power system.

Beyond home automation and off-grid setups, the Flip C3 and Power Tool 500 have applications in various projects, including electric bikes, skateboards, and other small electric vehicles. Their flexible power input options and robust monitoring capabilities make them suitable for a wide range of uses.

Flip C3

Accessibility and Open Source

The Flip C3 and Power Tool 500 come preloaded with ESPHome, ensuring quick and easy adoption into your existing home automation setup. This makes it simple for users to start utilizing their features immediately.

Both devices are fully open-source, offering unlocked bootloaders and compatibility with Arduino. This allows for extensive customization and flexibility, empowering users to modify and adapt the hardware to their specific needs.

With a full set of GPIO pins available, users have complete control over customization and integration with other components, enabling a wide range of applications and enhancements.

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