Electromaker Interview: Alasdair Allan - Head of Documentation at Raspberry Pi

The Electromaker Podcast (and YouTube Channel) presents another special episode! Recently I spoke with Alasdair Allan, Head of Documentation at Raspberry Pi, and generally an all-around interesting person to chat with.

Our conversation contains plenty of Raspberry Pi, as you'd expect, but touches on a variety of wider subjects, some of which we've earmarked to go into in detail on a future podcast. These include firing WiFi development boards out of cannons, the failures of IoT, and how the Documentation as Code philosophy can make "writing the manual" a better process for engineers and users alike.

This interview was recorded primarily as a podcast, and the Electromaker Podcast is available on all major podcast networks. The interview is also available in video format on our YouTube channel.

If you enjoyed this interview, you might be interested in hearing from Eben Upton - CEO of Raspberry Pi and recent Electromaker Podcast guest. If you want to support the Electromaker Podcast, consider buying supplies for your next project on the Electromaker Store!



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