Electromaker of the Month - March 2022 winners!

It's been another month of fantastic innovation from our community, and it's time to celebrate three standout projects to receive prizes for their creativity!

The Electromaker of the Month is a rolling competition open to all projects submitted on the Electromaker website - let's meet the winners for March.

1. Peg Box With Temperature And Humidity Monitor

In first place, winning a whole host of Nordic Semiconductor prototyping equipment, along with a $50 Amazon Gift voucher, is tarantula3's Peg Box With Temperature And Humidity Monitor project. This build takes the idea of a pegbox for storing clothes pegs, and makes it smart by adding a wireless temperature and humidity sensor!

Our judges were impressed with the combination of skills in this project, from woodworking to setting up a wireless embedded sensor system that reports to a home-spun Raspberry Pi Server! All of this gear is headed out to you (along with a bunch of Electromaker Swag!)

Nordic Semiconductor Prizes

2. LEDarcade Arcade Retro Clock

In second place, Electromaker Community member datagod shows off the latest progress on the Arcade Retro Clock,  a 64 x 32 RGB LED retro game-inspired timepiece driven by a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

What really set this project aside was the level of detail that went into making each game look as good as possible, including lighting and parallax effects that are hard to achieve with these kinds of RGB matrices. 

3. DIY RP2040 Spacemouse

In third place, Danivbel's DIY take on a Spacemouse uses Raspberry Pi's RP2040 as its brains and contains a few neat tricks to emulate the famously expensive Spacemouse hardware.


Alongside a screen for feedback and a sleek-looking handmade case, it combines a cheap rotary encoder with a 2-axis thumb joystick to create an ingenious hybrid control system! Not only that, but the whole thing runs on Circuitpython, using well-established libraries, so it's easy to replicate!

Both second and third place runners-up receive a whole host of Nordic swag, and of course a load of Electromaker Swag too!

Nordic runner up swag

Will You Be the Next Electromaker of the Month?

Every month we celebrate the inventive, curious, and resourceful nature of our Maker community. Any project published on the Electromaker website is eligible to win, and there's a whole host of great prizes!

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