Electromaker of the Month - May 2023 Winners

The month of May has brought with it a torrent of innovative and exhilarating projects to our project hub! As is the custom, our judges have meticulously scrutinized all the submissions made throughout the month, taking great pleasure in the process. However, only three can claim the top spots. Let's get to know our winners!

If you happened to miss it, Electromaker of the Month is an event that honors the outstanding community projects chosen by our impartial judges. The winners are bestowed with fantastic prizes such as Amazon gift vouchers, graciously sponsored by the wonderful team at Mouser, and exclusive Electromaker merchandise!

1- Emo - Your Personal Companion Robot

Meet Emo, the lovable personal companion robot guaranteed to steal your heart! Powered by cutting-edge Raspberry Pi 4 technology and featuring an open-source design, Emo is the ultimate blend of sophistication and creativity. However, Emo is not just a mere robot; he's a sentient being, radiating vitality and individuality through his distinctive personality and genuine emotions.

The judges loved this project for a variety of reasons, but what really impressed them was that this robot was designed from the ground up using Autodesk Fusion 360. The shell/body of the robot has been 3-D printed and all of the internal components handpicked to create a fantastic companion robot to be proud of!

Some key things regarding the functionality of the robot were considered very carefully prior to the design phase. One thing that caught our eye was the fact that the power source has been situated at the base of the robot allowing for ample space of the power cable for unrestricted movement while ensuring that the body maintains slight contact with the base to enhance stability during motion.

Huge congratulations to CodersCafeTech for winning 1st prize! You win the top Electromaker of the Month prize -  a $150 Amazon gift voucher and a pile of Electromaker Swag!

2 - Bluetooth Robot Car

Taking second place is a Bluetooth robot car project built by the very talented parikshitpagare.This Robot car was developed using Arduino Uno Rev 3  and can operate in 3 modes - Manual, Automatic, and Voice. The car is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a dedicated Android app. Some of its key features include:

  • Wireless control with Bluetooth via the Android app
  • Ultrasonic sensor-based autonomous mode
  • Voice control using Google Speech Recognizer
  • Obstacle detection feature to avoid collision

The judges really liked the completeness of this project which included a full rundown of how the project was built along with a video, circuit diagrams, code repo, and full BOM. If you are interested in starting out with Arduino or DIT robotics then this would be a great project to get started with.

Congratulations parikshitpagare, a $100 Amazon voucher  & Electromaker Swag bag will be arriving with you shortly!

3 - Tinyml: An Always-on Audio Classifier Using Synthetic Data

Third prize goes to shakhizat for his machine-learning project. The 'always on'  audio classifier is a great example of how you can utilize machine learning to build a system that can recognize audible events.

The project uses the new Arduino Nicla Voice which implements always-on speech and motion recognition on the edge. The project aims to demonstrate how you can develop an Audio Classification system that can distinguish between unknown, background noise, and name of person classes. To achieve this, the Edge Impulse platform was used to train the model and subsequently deploy it to the Arduino Nicla Voice module.

You can see the project in action below:

Congratulations Shakhizat, you win third prize, a $50 Amazon gift voucher and a pile of Electromaker Swag!

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