Electromaker of the Month - May Winners Announced!

May was a busy month for the Electromaker Community. Not only did we announce the winners of the Make It Smart with Nordic Thingy:91 contest, we had loads of fantastic projects to choose between for Electromaker of the Month! This post shows the May winners of our rolling Maker competition!

1. Sci-fi 3d Printed Mask With Transparent Display 

First this month is this stunning 3D printed mask, which incorporated transparent OLED displays as programable robotic eyes! It's the brainchild of Electromaker Community member mukesh-sankhla.

Our judges were impressed with how professional the finished build looked, and how the original design - a mask designed to be similar to Marvel Comic's Winter Soldier character - was modified to fit the displays. Congratulations Mukesh! You win the top prize this month.

Nordic nrf5340 development kit, Nordic Thingy:91 development kit, Nordic Tile devkit, Nordic Mug on a white background.

Along with all the Nordic Semiconducor prototyping gear in the above image, the winner also receives a pile of Electromaker Swag and a $50 Amazon Gift voucher!

2. Guitar Shaped Audio Pcb Amplifier

In 2nd place was mr-x with a PCB design for an audio amplifier that's ready to rock!

This twist on an LM386-based power amp impressed our judges with it's cool aesthetics, along with the fantastic documentation that teaches both theory and practical circuit design. A perfect beginner project, and a deserving second place.

3. Diy Pan Tilt Control Using Servos For Esp32 Cam 

This panning and tiling camera for ESP32 won third this month. It's a project by raushan-kumar, who mounted the microcontroller board directly to the servo assembly, making for a self-contained and neat setup.

Our judges were impressed with the browser-based control system, thorough documentation and code walkthrough in the YouTube video!

Second and Third place wins a big bag of Nordic and Electromaker Swag!

A selection of Nordic semiconductor branded goodies, including a nRF52840 UDB development dongle, on a white background

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