Electromaker of the Month - September Winners

It's that time again! For the past month, our community has been busy Making, and the things they've made have been amazing. From Smart Agriculture to Machine Learning on microcontrollers, to automatic drinks machines, folks have written up some incredible projects. There can, however, only be three Electromakers of the Month!

In case you missed it - Electromaker of the Month celebrates the top three community projects (as picked by our independent judges) and rewards them with prototyping hardware from Nordic Semiconductor and some fine swag to boot! The top prize also receives a $50 Amazon gift voucher!

1. Snoring Detection Using Nordic Thingy:53

Our top prize winner this month is knaveen with his TinyML powered snoring detection project. Snoring is no joke, and treatment for it was valued at over four billion dollars in 2020. This project uses the Thingy:53 prototyping kit to create a purely offline snoring detector using machine learning.

The judges loved the practical use of TinyML and the idea that EdgeAI can be used in situations where privacy is important. You may not want a connected device in your bedroom. This prototype can be purely offline or only communicate via BLE to devices in your household.

Congratulations knaveen! You win the top Electromaker of the Month prize - a pile of Nordic Semiconductor prototyping gear!

Nordic Semiconductor Top Prizes

You'll also get some tidy Electromaker Swag and a $50 Amazon gift voucher!

2. Control Your Home Devices Using Arduino And Personal Assist

Second this month is jithin with an Arduino RP2040 Connect powered custom PCB home automation project combining some hardware skills with backend Arduino Cloud and Alexa support.

Our judges loved how this project was designed to be as extendible as possible. The board takes anything between 7-32v input, regulating it down to 5v for powering the Arduino along with any LEDs and relays you need. Everything you need to make your own is there, including code, how to use it with Alexa, the Gerber files for the PCB, and even how to order them!

3. Jägermachine - Shot Pouring Machine Powered By A RasPi 3B+

The third prize this month goes to Pegor with his automatic Jägermeister pouring machine. It's a truly impressive build - it looks great and pours you your favorite (alcoholic or otherwise) drink. What's not to love?

The Jaegermachine

Despite the fun idea behind this project (it was a themed gift for a friend) our judges were impressed with the complexity of the tech behind this project. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ hardware system powering the pump and LED ring is impressive enough, but the custom email trigger was a step above and beyond the typical barbot projects, not to mention that it looks absolutely stunning. Congrats Pegor!


Second and Third place wins a big bag of Nordic and Electromaker Swag, including an nrf52840 BLE dongle for creating custom Bluetooth Low Energy projects!

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