Electromaker of the Month - July Winners

July has come and gone, and the Electromaker Community has been busy - let's meet the Electromakers of the Month!

In case you missed it - Electromaker of the Month celebrates the top three community projects (as picked by a panel of judges) and rewards them with prototyping hardware from Nordic Semiconductor and some fine swag to boot!

1. Terminator Skull: Re-Re-dux

This isn't the first time we've seen 314 Reactor's Terminator skull, but this iteration is definitely the closest to making Skynet a reality!

This time round, the fearsome metal skull uses a Raspberry Pi 4 as the brain, along with an Adafruit Braincraft HAT, and a camera rigged up to recognize humans and other objects using TensorFlow.

Our judges loved this project as it works so well as a standalone finished DIY device, but also represents progress and iteration over previous designs.
The write-up is easy to follow, too in case you want to make your own terminator - just don't make it too smart or let it watch the films, please.

Congratulations, 314Reactor, you win the top Electromaker of the Month prize - a whole boatload of Nordic Semiconductor prototyping gear!

Various Nordic Boards - the winners prize for Electromaker of the Month

You'll also be getting a bunch of Electromaker Swag and a $50 Amazon gift voucher, let us know if you get something nice!

2. Gesture Recognition Using Raspberry Pi Pico And Edge Impulse


Second this month is Shakhizat with a TinyML gesture recognition project using the Raspberry Pi Pico and an MPU6050 inertial measurement unit.
The project takes you through the SDK setup for the project, along with how to use Edge Impulse to train a model based on different movements. It's the perfect first step in creating a custom motion controller!

Our judges loved the simple part count on this project, along with the clearly written and easy-to-follow documentation. With TinyML taking off in such a big way, it's great to see tutorials like this to guide people new to the subject.

3. Detecting Unstable Electrical Grid With TinyML

In third place this month is Alex Miller's power grid monitoring system. It's another project leveraging edge-AI to solve problems that previously took expensive specialist equipment.

Our judges were impressed with the way Alex took research data and incorporated it into his own project using the Neuton AI web platform before deploying it onto a Particle Argon development board.

Nordic stickers, mug, and USB development kit
Second and Third place wins a big bag of Nordic and Electromaker Swag!

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