Electromaker of the Month - February 2023 Winners

Electromaker of the Month is back after a quick winter snooze, and it's time to meet the winners for February 2023!

In case you missed it - Electromaker of the Month celebrates the top three community projects (as picked by our independent judges) and rewards them with prizes, including Amazon gift vouchers (provided by the lovely folks at Mouser) and Electromaker Swag!

1. Product Quality Analyzer Using Unit V2 & Blues Wireless

Our top prize winner this month is Pradeeplogu0 with a fantastic proof of concept for production line quality control. It combines Cellular communication using a Blues Wireless Notecard, an EdgeAI camera from M5Stack, and a remote computer - in this case a LattePanda Delta.

I highly recommend following the link to the project and reading the in depth documentation (which is incredibly well written and easy to follow), but in short: An EdgeAI camera trained with a model containing products in various "quality" states (good condition, broken, missing lids etc) watches products move along an assembly line (in this prototype, images on a screen). When it detects an anomaly, it signals the BlueWireless Notecard to send a cellular notification to the cloud, where a server communicates with the remote LattePanda, triggering the relay attached to its GPIO pins.

Pradeep - Electromaker of the Month 1st place

Our judges loved how thorough of a system Pradeep used to create a prototype with real-world uses. While this is a demo, the core of the project is already quite mature and, with a few tweaks, could be tried out in industrial and factory settings.


Congratulations Pradeep! You win the top Electromaker of the Month prize -  a $150 Amazon gift voucher and a pile of Electromaker Swag!


2. Ai Thermal Camera For Safe Camping

Second place this time goes to MITHUNDOTDAS with their incredible Seeedstudio Wio Terminal AI thermal camera project. This is version two of a project designed to classify objects via their thermal signature, this time with a camping focus. Once the camera determines whether the approaching figure is a human or an animal, it communicates via the Helium LoRa network to send the data to the AWS IoT cloud. The result then comes in the form of a notification to the user's phone, with GPS coordinated and perhaps most importantly - whether its a human or an animal detected!

AI thermal camera

Our judges loved the concept of a LoRa animal detector, and the unique take on machine vision. As far as proof of concepts go it's pretty unique, and that's a good thing. AI powered camping alarms aren't a thing - yet, but seeing this idea in action it seems likely they'll appear soon!

Congratulations! You win the second prize: a $100 Amazon voucher, and Electromaker Goodies!

3. Valentine's Day "Romance" Bot

This month's third prize goes to donutsorelse with their Valentine's day romance bot. How is a robot romantic you ask? Well, it pours wine, and if you are anything like me that is the height of romance!

It's all fun and games, but there is some real thought in this project. The moisture sensor detects if the glass is empty enough to refill, but what if the glass isn't there? That's what the ultrasonic sensor is for! It's a bare bones but just the bones you need robot, that was made just in time for the most romantic of days ever...

Put simply, our judges thought this was hilarious, silly, but also kind of genius all at the same time. I doubt we'll see a commercial version of this product any time soon, and given that there's no maximum limit of wine it'll give you per sitting that may be a good thing!

Congratulations Donuts, you win third prize, a $50 Amazon gift voucher and a pile of Electromaker Swag!

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