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Seeed Wio Terminal

Seeed Wio Terminal

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WiFi Development Tools - 802.11 Seeed Wio Terminal


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Instead of being a single embedded functional module, Wio Terminal is more of a complete system equipped with Screen + Development Board + Input/Output Interface + Enclosure. Because it uses the SAMD51, it is compatible with Arduino and CircuitPython - using the same Arduino & CircuitPython core we have developed here at Adafruit!

Wio Terminal is an ATSAMD51-based microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN. Its CPU speed runs at 120MHz (boost up to 200MHz). Realtek RTL8720DN chip supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi providing the backbone for IoT projects. The Wio Terminal itself is equipped with a 2.4” LCD Screen, onboard accelerometer (LIS3DHTR), microphone, buzzer, microSD card slot, light sensor, and infrared emitter (IR 940nm). On top of that, it also has two x JST PH 4-pin STEMMA / Grove ports for Grove Ecosystem and 40-pin compatible GPIO for more Raspberry Pi add-ons.

Highly Integrated Design

Powerful MCU - Microchip ATSAMD51P19

Reliable Wireless Connectivity

USB OTG Support

External Sensor Ports

Raspberry Pi 40-pin Compatible

Software Support

Seeed Wio Terminal
  • Frequency - 120 MHz
  • Product - Development Boards
  • Brand - Adafruit
  • Interface Type - I2C, I2S, SPI, UART
  • Manufacturer - Adafruit
  • Product Type - WiFi Development Tools
  • Protocol - WiFi - 802.11 - WiFi
  • Protocol Supported - 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Standard Pack Qty - 1
  • Subcategory - Development Tools