Electromaker of the Month - December 2023 Winners

Winter has set in and the days grow colder but that hasn't stopped the Electromaker community excelling in their creativity, showcasing a blend of innovation and practicality that leaves us in awe. We have seen some fantastic projects submitted to the project hub during 2023. Many thanks to everyone who participated last year and a big shout-out to our sponsor Mouser Electronics!

1st Place: Farmguard : Farm Security With Cellular Iot And Ai

The FarmGuard project by darksam stands out for its ingenuity, merging agriculture and cutting-edge technology.

FarmGuard stands as a guardian, a sophisticated system designed to protect your precious farmland from the threat of wild animal intrusions. This project intertwines foresight and creativity of its maker.


What Makes It Special:

What sets FarmGuard apart is its harmonious blend of AI and IoT. At its heart lies a Vision Sensor, trained to recognize specific wild animals, turning it into a vigilant sentinel for the farm. This sensor, in concert with the Blues Notecard, forms a network of real-time communication, ensuring that every potential threat is monitored and reported with precision.

But what truly makes FarmGuard special is its commitment to accessibility and adaptability. Open-source at its core, it invites a collaborative spirit, encouraging enthusiasts and professionals alike to explore, replicate, and enhance its capabilities. It's not just a project; it's a movement towards a safer, more sustainable agricultural future.

Judges’ Insights:

The judges were particularly impressed by the project's seamless integration of hardware and software, its intuitive alert system, and its potential impact on the future of farming. FarmGuard stands as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to safeguard our most vital resources.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations to darksam for the well-deserved 1st prize! You win the top Electromaker of the Month prize, $150 Cash, and a pile of Electromaker Swag!

2nd Place: Package Handling Assurance System

In the bustling world of digital commerce, where the click of a button brings the world to our doorstep, the Package Handling Assurance System by nekhil-ravi emerges as a trailblazing innovation. This project, a symphony of machine learning and cellular IoT, is integral for the safety of our parcels.

Package Handling Assurance System

Imagine a world where every package, especially those fragile treasures, is monitored with an eagle's eye throughout its journey. This is the reality that the Package Handling Assurance System brings to life. At its core, this system is a vigilant protector, attached to packages, ready to alert at the slightest mishandling. The moment a package is treated with less than the utmost care, an SMS alert is sent, and the incident is recorded on a website with precise timestamps and locations.

The heart of this system is a blend of sophisticated components: the Notecard Cellular and Blue Wireless Notecarrier A for seamless communication, the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense for its AI-enabled sensors, and the Adafruit GPS Module for pinpoint-accurate location tracking. Together, they form a network that is as efficient as it is reliable.

What Makes It Special:

The true magic lies in its machine-learning model. This model, trained to recognize mishandling events like vigorous shaking or unexpected falls shows the adaptability and precision of modern AI. It's not just about detecting mishandling; it's about redefining the standards of package care.

Judges’ Insights:

The judges were particularly captivated by the system's ability to transform package handling into a monitored, secure process. This project is a paradigm shift in how we view the safety and integrity of our deliveries. The Package Handling Assurance System stands as a beacon of innovation, a bridge between technology and trust.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations nekhil-ravi, $100 Cash and an Electromaker Swag bag will arrive with you shortly!

3rd Place: Cellular Bilge Alarm Monitoring (with Blues)

In the serene yet unpredictable world of sailing, where boats are often left to the mercy of the elements, the Cellular Bilge Alarm Monitoring project by bucknalla provides safer sailing. It's a guardian angel for boats, ensuring they remain afloat and alerting owners at the first sign of trouble.

Cellular Bilge Alarm Monitoring

The Cellular Bilge Alarm Monitoring system stands as a vigilant protector against harsh weather, using the Blues Notecard to provide affordable, easy-to-use cellular connectivity. This system is a lifeline, ensuring that boats are safe from leaking or flooding, even when their owners are miles away.

At the core of this system is a water-activated float switch, wired into the boat's bilge and connected to the Blues Notecard and Notecarrier F. This setup creates a battery-backed system that keeps a watchful eye on the boat. The ingenuity lies in its simplicity and effectiveness – a system that alerts owners the moment the bilge alarm is triggered, signaling potential danger.

What Makes It Special:

The project cleverly navigates the challenges of connecting high-voltage boat systems to low-voltage microcontrollers. Using an optocoupler, it bridges this gap, ensuring that the alarm system integrates seamlessly without modifying the boat's existing setup. It's a perfect example of how innovative thinking can solve complex problems in a practical, user-friendly way.

Judges’ Insights:

The judges were impressed by the project's ability to bring peace of mind to boat owners. Not only does it help prevent disasters, it provides assurance. The Cellular Bilge Alarm Monitoring system uses the power of technology to enhance safety and security in the nautical world.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations bucknalla! You win the third prize: $50 cash and a pile of Electromaker Swag!

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