Electromaker of the Month - November Winners

Throughout November, the Electromaker community has been sharing a huge variety of incredible projects. It's been a hard one for our judges to call - but it's time to meet our Electromakers of the Month!

In case you missed it - Electromaker of the Month celebrates the top three community projects (as picked by our independent judges) and rewards them with prototyping hardware from Nordic Semiconductor and some fine swag to boot! The top prize also receives a $50 Amazon gift voucher!

1. LOTP Robot Dog V2

Our first prize winner this time is LimenitisReducta with one of the most incredible DIY robot dogs we've ever seen. Comprising multiple modular sections, the 3d printed skeleton contains a Teensy 3.5 as the main processor, and multiple sensor and connectivity options for geolocation and environmental interaction. Here you can see 7 full months of work on the project in just 5 minutes:

Our judges were blown away, not only by the complex and thoughtful design choices made throughout this project but for its incredible documentation, both in video and written format. Alongside build details, LimenitisReducta went into detail about how different movements were achieved, right down to sharing their Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics formulas.

Congratulations LimenitisReducta! You are the top Electromaker of the Month winner for November. A whole load of Nordic Semiconductor prototyping gear will be winging its way to you!


You'll also get some snazzy Electromaker Swag and a $50 Amazon gift voucher!

2. Plant Identifying, Poison Ivy Killing Gloves

Second place this time goes to donutsorelse. As well as having a user name we deeply resonate with, they built an incredible wrist-mounted device for identifying plants, and shooting plant-killing spray when it detects poison ivy.

The project came about as a way to help donutsorelse's partner to identify wild mushrooms, though due to a particularly nasty poison ivy allergy, the secondary function became important too. Don't be fooled by the wires and masking tape - this is an amazing prototype!

Our judges loved how the documentation of this project shows how the edgeAI system worked, right down to how the model was trained. While this is far from being a commercial product - or even one you'd truly trust to identify plants for you - it's an incredible proof of concept, documented well.

3. Make A Digital Distance Meter With Hexabitz

Third prize this month goes to Aula_Jazmati, who has built a DIY distance meter using Hexabitz modules.

Rebuilding already commercially available devices is a great way to learn how they work, and this is a great example of using pre-built modules together to create a functional prototype.

Our judges loved the novel use of the HexaBitz modules, and the excellent documentation shows how the STM32-based system differs from working with Arduino and similar other MCUs with sensor modules.

Second and Third place wins a pile of Nordic and Electromaker Swag, including an nrf52840 BLE USB stick for creating custom BLE projects!


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