Electromaker of the Month - February 2024 Winners

Welcome to this month's edition of the Electromaker of the Month contest, where we've seen an extraordinary array of submissions, from practical home automation solutions to imaginative IoT devices, each demonstrating the unique talents and interests of our community members. 

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1st Place: Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000

The Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000 was created by 0x3b29, aimed at enhancing model railway buildings with interactive lighting. This Arduino-based, browser-powered LED controller allows for detailed and dynamic lighting scenarios, bringing a new level of interactivity and realism to model railway setups.

The project is open-source and free-to-use, encouraging community engagement and collaboration. The creator has provided detailed documentation, including schematics and code, facilitating replication and customization by enthusiasts.

Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000

What Makes It Special

The system uses an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 to control the LEDs, with a web app interface for easy operation. It supports multiple languages and features like LED grouping and customizable events, making it adaptable to various setups and preferences.

Judges' Insights

The Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000 project has captured the attention of our judges for its innovative approach to enhancing model railway environments. The project's creator has skillfully combined Arduino technology with practical application, resulting in a system that brings dynamic lighting and life to model setups.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations to 0x3b29 for the well-deserved 1st prize! You win the top Electromaker of the Month prize, $150 Cash, and a pile of Qoitech and Electromaker Swag!

2nd Place: Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor

The Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor project, created by ralphjy, is a portable gas sensing device built using the FireBeetle 2 ESP32E. The project was inspired by winning the FireBeetle 2 ESP32-E on the ElectroMaker Show, and it aims to leverage the board's capabilities for environmental sensing.

Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor

What Makes It Special

The device uses the FireBeetle 2 ESP32-E board's WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, battery interface, and display port to create a comprehensive gas sensing solution. The project includes detailed instructions for setting up the hardware, programming the board using the Arduino IDE, and integrating with IoT platforms.

Judges' Insights

The Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor Project has been recognized by our judges for its practical approach to environmental monitoring and IoT capabilities. The seamless integration of the Firebeetle 2 ESP32-E with a multichannel gas sensor showcases the project's technical robustness and real-world application potential.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations ralphjy, $100 Cash and a Qoitech & Electromaker Swag bag will arrive with you shortly!

3rd Prize: RPi Pico Controlled Matrix Display (HUB75 Style)

The RPi Pico Controlled Matrix Display project, developed by moffe, is a Raspberry Pi Pico shield designed for controlling RGB LED matrix displays using the HUB75 interface. The project leverages MicroPython code to manage the display, with one highlighted use case being a YouTube subscriber button that includes sound notifications.

Rpi Pico Controlled Matrix Display - Hub75 Style

What Makes It Special

The project is notable for its integration of various technologies: MicroPython for programming, KiCad for PCB design, and the Raspberry Pi Pico's hardware features. The shield facilitates easy connection to RGB LED matrices and includes features for sound and light intensity adjustments.

Judges' Insights

The RPi Pico Controlled Matrix Display project has impressed our judges with its creative use of the Raspberry Pi Pico to drive an RGB LED matrix display using the HUB75 interface. This project stands out for its innovative application of microcontroller technology in creating dynamic visual displays.

The judges were particularly impressed with the project's educational aspect, providing a practical example of how to interface microcontrollers with LED matrices. The use of MicroPython code to control the display was noted for making the project accessible to a broader range of enthusiasts, especially those looking to dive into programming and electronics.

Prizes Awarded:

Congratulations moffe! You win the third prize: $50 cash and a pile of Qoitech and Electromaker Swag!

Qoitech and Electromaker Swag!
Qoitech and Electromaker Swag!

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