Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino Review: Comprehensive Insights & Features

Welcome to this installment for Product Of The Week. In this episode, we will be looking at the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino by SeeedStudio.

If you're considering purchasing the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, this review will provide you with all the insights you need.

What is the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino?

The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino lets you experiment with a number of different Grove sensors using an Arduino and provides all of these modules on a single PCB with detachable parts. Using this kit, you can get yourself stuck into the Grove system, which helps makers experiment with different devices and sensors without needing to build complex circuits.

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Why is the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino awesome?

One neat feature of this kit is that all the modules are still attached to the base PCB, and this gives you the freedom to either prototype with the board as it is or detach each module if needed. Additionally, the kit provides plenty of sensors, interfaces, and drivers for creating all kinds of projects. On reflection, had I known about this board, I would have recommended it in my $100 workshop video.

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Features and specs of the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

To start, the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino integrates ten different Grove modules and a single Arduino Grove expander shield. The expander provides the ability to connect up to 12 different Grove modules to Arduino boards, and this is possible thanks to the ability for I2C devices to share a single bus. Each of these modules is attached to the main PCB via small tabs, and these tabs have small, drilled holes, which makes removing them easy. On the outside of the PCB is a ruler, which can be useful for measuring distances, but if you detach all the modules, then I can’t see too much use for it.

Compared to other kits in the market, the Grove Beginner Kit stands out due to its user-friendly design and the variety of modules it offers.

When comparing the Grove Beginner Kit to other Arduino kits in the market, its plug-and-play nature and the breadth of sensors available give it a distinct edge for those keen on rapid prototyping.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino Review_ Comprehensive Insights & Features

The ten modules included in the kit are an LED, buzzer, button switch, rotary potentiometer, sound sensor, light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, 3-axis accelerator, air pressure sensor, and a 0.96-inch OLED display.

Because the Grove modules are a mix of I2C, analog, and digital signals, different Grove sockets on the shield connect to different GPIO of the Arduino. This allows for multiple Grove sensors to work from an Arduino without interfering with the I2C bus needed by most sensors. At the same time, each module has been internally connected to the Arduino shield, meaning that you don’t actually need any cables to use modules that have been left connected to the PCB. That’s neat; I might pinch that idea myself, maybe for testing.

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What projects can you do with the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino?

With the many different sensors and I/O available on this board, it’s kind of hard to think of things that it can’t do.

The first project idea that comes to mind is environmental monitoring, thanks to the air pressure sensor, the temperature sensor, and the humidity sensor. If used with an Arduino with Wi-Fi capabilities, this would let you build an IoT device capable of streaming data in real time.

Another idea for this kit would be a really trivial games console with a tiny OLED screen, a single button, and a potentiometer. You could use the button for jumping, while the potentiometer provides absolute position, thus creating a game where you have to jump over obstacles as they come, similar to the hit game flappy bird, but not so addictive that the entire country’s economy suffers because no one can stop playing it. Even the piezo module can be used to generate tones, making a game much more interactive.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino box

This kit could also be used to control electronic devices via sound. The sound module can be used to detect specific intense claps, and the number of claps can determine what action to take. If an external device, such as a light or wall switch, is controlled via a Grove relay module, it’s possible to control main devices with clapping. Just please don’t be an idiot and get yourself hurt. We aren’t responsible for your stupidity when you decide to test whether a part is live by licking it (admittedly, I have done that, but with battery-powered stuff only).

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User Experiences with the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

Many users have praised the kit for its ease of use, especially for beginners. The detachable modules have been a highlight, allowing for flexibility in projects. Some users also mentioned the comprehensive documentation provided by SeeedStudio, making the learning curve smoother.

The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is a brilliant purchase for those looking to explore Grove sensors, how to use them with Arduino environments, and those who want to quickly prototype new projects. The use of breakout tabs provides makers with a lot of freedom in design, but the fact that the designers connected these modules to the central shield via the tabs is absolutely brilliant. 

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Expert Insight: Having tested multiple Arduino kits over the years, the Grove Beginner Kit's integration of various modules on a single PCB stands out. Its compatibility with other Arduino boards also makes it a versatile choice for both beginners and seasoned makers.

Considering its features and versatility, the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino price offers great value for money. Check out the latest deals and offers on our store.

Ready to dive into the world of Arduino? Buy the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino now and kickstart your journey!

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