BalenaOS Adds Odyssey-X86 to Its Expanding Roster of Supported Devices

The IoT focussed balenaOS now supports Seeedstudio's Odyssey-X86 single-board computers. The service makes it easy to run Docker containers on a large variety of hardware, emphasizing user-friendly cloud management.

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Seeed revealed the new coverage in a blog post on the Seeedstudio website, along with a getting started guide for Odyssey X86 owners.

All the Power of x86 in the Cloud

Support for the Odyssey X86 is exciting for several reasons. It ranked high in our list of best x86 SBCs available due to its high power for a relatively low cost. What really makes it a truly versatile choice for cloud-based IoT projects, however, is its extensive input/output options.

Odyssey X86 boards have both a Raspberry Pi compatible 40 pin header, and an onboard ATSAMD21G18 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M0+ "Arduino" chip. Already capable of running 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux, a dedicated IoT management system that works on both will be an intriguing prospect for anyone looking for a powerful connected device.

If you are interested in trying it out, you'll need an Odyssey X86 board, and a balena account. The first 10 devices you use with balenaOS are free, and you can get started using Seeed's getting started page. BalenaOS isn't just for X86 SBCs, though. It works on a huge variety of boards, including the Raspberry Pi. In fact, balenaOS was used in this Electromaker Community project to create a DIY WiFi Access point and repeater


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