MFR2022: An Interview With Airquino: HQ Air Quality Sensing at a Low Cost

One of the more interesting chats we had at Maker Faire Rome 2022 was with Airquino, a project aimed at creating better air sensing without huge costs. The idea behind the project is fairly simple: Create simple-to-build, rugged, high-accuracy, low-cost air sensors that can be deployed anywhere. The difficult part? Well, all of it!

We chatted with one of the Airquino team about how the project works, and what readings they took from Maker Faire throughout the day.

The project is definitely fascinating, and the way it has been created makes it easy to use for anyone. They have a web interface for tracking as many Airquino devices as you need, as well as both indoor and outdoor variants of the devices. You can find out more about the project on their website. They also look pretty cool!


If you want to get into air sensing, it's easier than you think. Any I2C-enabled board will work with this Adafruit Air Quality Sensor breakout, and you are one step away from 24/7 air quality sensing in your home!

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