Maker Creates Raspberry Pi Synthesizer With Innovative Touch Control

The Raspberry Pi is a functional development board. This single-board computer (SBC) provides loads of functionality for anything from a low-powered home theatre PC (HTPC) to advanced robotics. Jaewon "J. One" Choi, a talented maker from South Korea, created a fantastic Raspberry Pi synthesizer. Plus, it's capable of being used by anyone with hearing impairments. 

Raspberry Pi Synthesizer

Choi's aptly-named Raspberry Pi synthesizer project, simply "synthesizer," vibrates to sounds. In this way, it's a synthesizer allowing the hearing impaired to delve into music production. At the core of J. One's synth, there's a circular pad which responds to touch, such as rotations. Press the round part to alter the modulation and amplitude, turn it to change the frequency. 

As its vibrational unit, Choi's synthesizer employs a transducer. This creates vibrations which emanate throughout his synth. Thus, you can control this Raspberry Pi synthesizer via touch, not merely sound. 

There's no shortage of music projects for the Raspberry Pi. Musician Toby Hendricks whipped up a sweet Raspberry Pi looper, synth, and drum kit. Zynthian also offers its own do-it-yourself (DIY) Raspberry Pi synthesizer kit. Marc Girard makes the TronPi Raspberry Pi synth. The JoyTone looks as cool as it sounds. For green version, check out the singing tree powered by a Raspberry Pi. 

Alternately, create your own Arduino synthesizer using the Microclock. It's a neat modular synthesizer that's simple to build and functional. If you'd rather listen to music than create your own, whip up a networked music player with piCorePlayer, or build your own Spotify with a Raspberry Pi. 

Raspberry Pi Music Projects: Final Thoughts

The Raspberry Pi, with its small footprint and low power consumption, makes for the ideal development board. Notably, it's fantastic for a bevy of music projects, from DIY synthesizers to low-power music servers, and even drum pads. 

Your turn: What Raspberry Pi music projects are your favorites?

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