The 5 Development Tools You Need - November 2021

Here, Mouser's Technical Marketing Manager, EMEA, Mark Patrick, presents his 'Top 5 Pick' of recently-released dev kits.


CCS long-range RF prototyping

The CCS long-range RF prototyping board features the powerful PCWH integrated Development Environment with compiler support. It can have a 14.5km (9 miles) RF link with a PIC®MCU and LoRaWAN®. Long-range communications drivers are also included with the compiler.

This prototyping board features an RS-232 converter, ICD jack, 61/0 pins (4 can be analogue), and an antenna. The prototyping board offers two pushButtons and two potentiometers. The board holds two relays with dry contacts, and three LEDs. Temperature sensor, light sensor, and also one PMW controlled LED are also offered. The RF prototyping board is compatible with the RN2903 LoRaWAN®module. Mouser offers one of the widest ranges of development kits immediately available off-the-shelf to
help designers get started. 

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Seeing Double

StereoPi v2 stereoscopic camera kits

StereoPi v2 stereoscopic camera kits offer improved functionality with greater flexibility. Kits include a StereoPi v2 standard board, two IMX219 160 FoV cameras, a 2" IPS screen, a 6" tripod, and an acrylic case set. The StereoPi v2 camera kits also include a GoPro tripod mount, two microSD cards (both SLP and OpenCV images), two short power cables, and 2.54mm jumpers.

These camera kits are available in two variants. The main difference is that the STPl2-CAMKIT-01 kit houses Raspberry Pi Compute-Module 4 (CM4) Lite, whereas the STPl2-CAMKIT-02 kit does not feature the CM4 Lite module. In the latter kit, the choice is left to the user to choose among 32 variants of CM4s available for better suitability to the project.

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Bluetooth Prototyping

Laird Connectivity DVK-BL5340 dev kits

Laird's BL5340 development kits provide a platform for rapid wireless connectivity prototyping. These fully­ featured kits offer the most flexibility for developing Bluetooth®Low Energy (LE), 802.15.4, and Near Field Communication (NFC).

The kits enable customers to test and validate all the hardware interfaces of the BL5340 module and support the rapid development of application software using either Zephyr RTOS or Nordic Semiconductor nRFConnect SOK. The out-of-box demo for the DVK-BL5340 development board comes pre-loaded, and sample applications are available on the Laird Connectivity Github page.

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Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU

SparkFun RP2040 Pro Micro

SparkFun RP2040 Pro Micro Board is a low-cost, high-performance board that features the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

This board includes a WS2812B addressable LED, boot button, reset button, Qwiic connector, USB-C", resettable PTC fuse, and castellated pads. The RP2040 MCU features a large on-chip memory, symmetric dual-core processor complex, deterministic bus fabric, and rich peripheral set. The RP2040 board features an AP2112 3.3V voltage regulator and supports programming languages such as C, C++, and MicroPython.

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Sub-Gi loT?

Silicon Labs FG23 868MHz to 915MHz +14dBm dev kit

Silicon Labs' FG23 868MHz to 915MHz +14dBm dev kit is a compact, feature-packed development platform.

The kit provides a fast path to develop and prototype sub-GHz loT products. The development platform includes support for the FG23's onboard segment LCD controller as well as other key features including LESENSE and pulse counter.

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