NXP Hackathon 2021 Winners Announced

Our good friends over at NXP partnered with us once again for the NXP Hackaton 2021. We were extremely happy with the number and quality of project submissions. With a wide variety of excellent, innovative projects, choosing just three winners proved a difficult task. Nevertheless, the winners have been selected!

And now, without further ado, our NXP Hackathon 2021 winners…

NXP Hackathon 2021 Winners Announced - faucet running alarm

Faucet Running Alarm: In first place is an alarm that detects a running faucet. Brilliant maker Knaveen used an NXP i.MXRT1010 dev board and Edge Impulse Studio to build a device that initiates an alarm when the faucet is running. It's great for avoiding water damage or simply lowering your water bill. 

NXP Hackathon 2021 Winners Announced - remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring: The Internet of Things can greatly benefit healthcare. This remote patient monitoring system features the ability to monitor and track a patient's health status with vital information like blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, and temperature. Congrats to our second-place winner!

NXP Hackathon 2021 Winners Announced - illumination

Reinforcement Learning-based Illumination Controller: And last but certainly not least is our third place contestant, MaverickBits with a neat system that adapts to the illumination preferences of its users. It leverages artificial intelligence and environmental sensing for a project that keeps learning and adapting to the preferences of its users. Rather than a closed-loop system, this project has an open-loop system for continued learning and adaptation. 

Although these were the top three projects from the NXP Hackathon 2021, we received a ton of spectacular entries! Check out all of the NXP Hackathon 2021 projects. Congrats to our winners, a huge thank you to all of our participants, and a major shoutout to NXP for a fabulous hackathon!

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