NXP Cup Video Contest 2022

The 10th season of the NXP Cup is finally upon us and Electromaker has teamed up with NXP once again to offer all participants the opportunity to win some great prizes by hosting a side challenge: The NXP Cup Video Contest!

We want all NXP Cup teams to showcase their talents by submitting short videos to YouTube throughout the discovery, build, testing, and competition phases.

We will search for all videos submitted to YouTube that are tagged #NXPCup and then feature our favorite videos in our weekly YouTube show & podcast (The Electromaker Show).

There will be special prizes awarded to each team member for the best videos submitted. The videos will be judged on the following criteria:


We will be awarding prizes to the best videos that adhere to the following three categories:

1 - Best educational / technical videos
Show off your engineering and coding capabilities. What obstacles has your team overcome?

2 - Funny videos
Upload videos of your Mascots driving the car, bloopers, mess-ups and anything you think will make us laugh or smile!

3 - Most frequency / quality / most engaged teams
We will be giving special prizes to the teams that upload videos frequently throughout the contest.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Unpacking / unboxing
  • Building
  • Coding
  • Test drives
  • First tries
  • Something funny / special
  • Multiple cars at the same time
  • Customisation - pimp your car!
  • Stunts
  • Outside driving - GPS
  • Things going wrong - bloopers


We have a €2,000 prize fund (courtesy of Mouser Electronics) which will be used to award prizes to the best videos submitted throughout the duration of the NXP Cup. The prizes will be announced later, but to give you a hint we are looking at some of the latest consumer tech on the market which we know you will love!


  • Each team can enter as many videos as they want
  • Videos must be uploaded to the YouTube platform
  • You must tag the video #NXPCup
  • Your team name must be included somewhere so we can identify you (title, description, etc)

One last thing...

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