Electronica 2022: NXP Gives Us a Peek Into the Future of EVs

At Electronica 2022, we stopped by the NXP stand to take a look at their EV demo car, complete with cute but slightly unsettling animatronic baby

NXP's Animatronic Baby

NXP displayed a full range of embedded tech for EVs, including multimedia in-car displays, 4d driver assisting radar, and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) passenger detection and breath monitoring (hence the animatronic breathing baby).

We met with Antonio Leone, Director of Battery Management Systems at NXP Semiconductors, to talk about the newly announced EV Battery Management System. It combines edgeAI and cloud data amalgamation to allow precise monitoring and control over onboard batteries.

It was a really interesting display, and it certainly changed my somewhat cynical view of super sensor-laden and tech-heavy cars. We look forward to seeing how these things are implemented in cars over the coming years.

To find out more, head to the recent NXP BMS announcement, and the previously announced UWB Chip blog post.

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